1. axes2t2

    Pen drive problem - JVC stereo

    I bought a 4gb HP pen drive to plug in to the JVC panel and play music. It worked at first but after transferring some files and formatting it is not being detected by the player. Anyone know why ?
  2. C

    Need help with laptop hard drive

    Hello there I have a Compaq laptop. It seems that the sata port of my laptop is not working. It damaged my two internal harddisks. I took the laptop to the service center and they say that the board needs to be changed and the cost would be around 12k. 12k seems huge amount for me So I...
  3. F

    Installing XP from Pen Drive Problem

    I tried to install Win XP using my pen drive using WinToFlash. But after booting from my pen drive I got the following message multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1) NTLDR: couldn't open drive,multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1) My SATA HDD is Third IDE Master and DVD drive is Primary IDE...
  4. Vyom

    New PC in 7 years!! :D Help needed to finalize a config.

    Moving on from Pen 4.. Finally!! :D Here's the questionnaire 1. What is the purpose of the computer? Ans: List of work I do in the order of priority (high to low) a. Programming in Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server 2008 b. Watching high quality (720p, 1080p) videos c. Editing videos (using...
  5. M


    I Have SONY 16 GB Flash Pendrive. I am power user of pendrive. i need to connect it to many PC's during my day to day office work. So I need a antivirus which resides in pendrive and does not allow any virus to infect it. I also wish to password protect my entire pen drive so as nobody...
  6. C

    16gb usb 3.0 pen drive for Rs 500 ..!

    How is this possible..?? All other usb 3.0 16gb pen drives are around 800-1.2k .. Is this like a cheap chinese product or smthng..? Strontium JET USB 3.0 Flash Drive 16GB Pen Drive | Pendrive |
  7. Jitendra Singh

    Croma 8GB pen drive showing write protected while formating

    I had bought a 8GB pen drive from Croma retail around 2 months ago. Yesterday I tried to format it, the message was ' The disk is write protected '. While there is no any button/switch like SD card adapters.
  8. M

    files diappeared from pen drive

    Recently my pen drive got infected by some viruses. I scanned and cleaned it with comodo internet security. but still large portion of files and folders are invisible in pen drive. but when i start scanning with comodo antivirus, it shows their presence while doing scanning. what should i do...
  9. rider

    Samsung Galaxy Note II While we can't say it was a shock, Samsung's latest superphone has arrived -- and it's got a new stylus. The Galaxy Note II pushes the screen frontier to 5.5 inches wide, with another HD Super AMOLED display, this time at 1,280 x 720...
  10. Gauravs90

    Need a fast pen drive in 512kb range.

    Hi guys, I need a fast 8GB pen drive which has good write speed in 4KB - 512K range.
  11. ramakanta

    Bit Locker !!

    I have 2GB Pen Drive and has Turn It On BitLocker by Windows 7. but my question is i can't open it in my ubuntu 10.4 OS which is install inside my Win 7 Os . is there any procedure or softwares to open my pen drive data in ubuntu OS which is protected by BitLocker. Please Help Me.:-(:-(:-(...
  12. kool

    Help me to buy value for money pendrive: 8GB

    Guys, I lost my red color sandisk pendrive recently. :-( Suggest me any good and cheap pendrive of 8GB which looks good & works for atlleast 2 year. My friends bought HP & PNY micro pen drives, and now they stopped working after 6 months. But i've liked this TREK 8GB Micro PenDrive @...
  13. A

    [Want to Buy] new 32 GB Pen drive- required Lowest cost online

    i want to buy new 32 GB Pen drive... on Lowest cost online .... after a bit of google .. i could find 32Gb transcent @ Rs999... Any idea where i can get the lowest cost??
  14. Siddharth_1

    Who is the best pen drive manufacturer(pls dont mind my spellings)...

    Which is the best are the 3 best pen drive manufacturer. Here is the list- Sony HP Corsair Sandisk Transcend Kingston Moserbear Microwave PNY MeDrive Trek Strontium Kanguru Verbatim Mimobot Uberrize Silicon Power Autodrive Other Actually its a very long list.
  15. Gauravs90

    Adata AUV100-16G-RRD flash drive

    I've just brought this USB 2.0 Adata flash drive from flipkart Adata AUV100-16G-RRD 16GB Pen Drive | Pendrive | And it's the fastest drive I have ever encountered for just Rs. 488. It's a great VFM Pen Drive. Here is the benchmark score from crystal mark It's build quality is...
  16. gdebojyoti

    Bamboo One a good choice?

    Wacom Bamboo One a good choice? I need a pen tablet (preferably Wacom's) for 3D modeling (Maya/ZBrush) and painting in Photoshop (creating background scenes and drawing fantasy characters). I am currently a college student and cannot spend much. Do you think the Wacom Bamboo One Medium will...
  17. Charley

    Select a PenDrive

    1. Can you suggest me the best pendrive 8gb & 16 gb, less than Rs. 600, from this flipkart link below ? If there are better ones with larger capacity, for cheaper prices, let me know :) Pen Drives Price List India: Computer-accessories: 2, Is it necessary to check whether my PC...
  18. S

    Need a Tablet @30K

    Heyy Techies. I need a Tablet on my coming birthday and it is final now,a big "NO" to cheap tablets! And its also final that i will continue using my Galaxy Y!So instead of upgrading my cell,i will buy a Tablet. Now,the tablet i want is should have a good camera(lens quality matters a lot to...
  19. anandharaja

    Overheating pendrive

    hi i have 2GB Transcend pen drive until yesterday it works very well, but suddenly today i plugged in, my pen drive not detected, after several attempts of plugging and unplugging, pen drive detected with format window. i formatted pen drive but now its overheating unable to hold in hand. is...
  20. V

    Can not install Win 7 on my SSD

    I have config as per my Siggy. Recently I got my SSD replaced. I am trying to install Win 7 on it via DVD as well as Pen Drive, disconnecting 2 HDDs. Hence only SSD and DVD-RW is present on SATA ports. BIOS priority kept as only CD-ROM when trying to install from DVD-RW and only HDD with Pen...
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