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How cool is this!?

3D printing is a revolution in technological world. We have witnessed various types of 3D printers but what we are going to discuss today is really different and astounding. A 3D printing pen named 3Doodler. It’s a magical pen that can create wondrous objects in air, literally. 3Doodler is touted to be the world’s first and only 3D Printing Pen. Working of the pen seems just like a magic, a magic to draw or write anything in air.

The minute handheld 3D pen has been designed by WobbleWorks and has been launched on Kickstarter lately. The most attractive feature of the printing pen is its reasonable price of $75 as compared to its competitor device MakerBot Replicator priced at $2000. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is safety of kids when this printing pen is around. This is because the temperature of its metal tip goes up to 270 degrees Celsius and can easily cause burns.

The 3Doodler printing pen, other than drawing in air can also draw on any kind of surface like paper, wood, glass or cement. You won’t need any computer program or software to use it. Plugging it into a socket will do it all. ABS plastic is used as ‘ink’ that is also used by most 3D printers in the market.



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The more portable version of 3D Printers. Perhaps product designers will find it useful - they can create rough models on the fly, and then create finer models with 3D printers. I think there was an introductory offer for this pen - they were selling it for 75 dollars or so. Be warned though - the refills are going to be very expensive!


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Good, but one issue I find, artists make many mistakes during their work, sometimes they need to improve it, how are they going to erase the substance, I think the cheap 3d printer called Rep Rap would be more useful, once you make the prototype you could just print it?


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hmmm.. thats a great innovative product..

only downside is that the drawing has to start from a support/base.


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hmmm.. thats a great innovative product..

only downside is that the drawing has to start from a support/base.

Hold something in air, say a cardboard and draw. Then go downwards and remove the cardboard. If ink sticks to cardboard, I'm sure a different material can be made which will be non-stick.

EDIT: Just saw the video. The paper/cardboard under "3Doodler" text doesn't stick to ink.
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