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Please suggest me a good Graphics tablet.


I'm in 3D Grafix world!!!
I’m an amateur artist, I just want to start my Digital art using Photoshop. So, I want a good Graphics tablet with low cost.
I found out these two tablets in infibeam.com
1) Wacom Bamboo One Small Pen Tablet-CTE-460 for Rs.2,669/-
2) Wacom Bamboo Pen Small Pen Tablet-CTL-470 for Rs. 5,862/-
I’m new to this, I mean drawing a picture using Graphics tablet, so I don’t know the big difference between those two tablets, so I’m confused which one to buy. If anyone has any experience with Bamboo tablets please share. Also is there any other brand to look which is available online?

Please, anyone? I want to purchase it as soon as possible.
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