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  1. ajayritik

    Need suggestions on a 16GB Pen drive

    Guys I need a 16GB Pen drive with USB 3.0 Support. Main purpose would be to copy videos from PC onto the flash drive and watch it on my LED TV. USB 3.0 is very important because I will be copying huge files onto the pen drive. From whatever I have read looks like my options are 1. Corsair...
  2. ajayritik

    Need External HDD with HDMI Port.

    I recently purchased a Samsung 46" TV and looking to watch movies on this. I have couple of pen drives but it's very cumbersome every time to copy a video onto the pen drive and then play it over the TV. Also it takes more than 30 mins to copy an 8 GB file. Do we have any External HDD available...
  3. Ricky

    Pen tablet adivce

    HI I have been asked to get information about Pen tablet device. Need device to create artwork on computer. Anyone with experience about pen tablets and what would the best one for basic professional need or say entry level professional device ?
  4. Ronnie11

    Need help buying usb pen drives...Pls help

    Hey guys,just the other day my transcend 8gb pen drive stopped working,it is not responding in any computers,no light coming in the pen drive,so i need to buy a new pen drive....now the last time i bought this pen drive was in 2008..when it was about 1000 bucks...so my budget this time for a 8gb...
  5. N

    Suggest me a 16 gb pen derive

    Hi alll, I want to purchase a 16 gb pen drive ,it should be usb 2.0 as my system does not have any usb 3.0 port.My budget is 1.2k max.If a usb 3.0 usb drive came in that budget and doen not create any problem or troubles for me ,then it will also okk.Please suggest me fastest,cheapest...
  6. S

    Need Externa HDD/Pen Drive Under Rs 1600

    Hey This Is Eashan. Urgent Need To Back Up My Data. Need Pen Drive 32/16 GB Or If Possible In The Budget A portable HDD Thanks..
  7. P

    Problem with USB Pen drives

    Hi, First of all, I don't know if this is the correct place for this post, if it isn't, please redirect me there. My problem is that, my Dell inspiron 14r laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit) is unable to read any pen drives. Yesterday, I tried writing on my friend's Cruzer 4gb...
  8. azzu

    [Want to Buy] Pen Tablet

    want to buy a pen tablet , for design and sketching .. preferably something above 8x6 inch .. location : Hyderabad
  9. A

    Deleted documents from transcend pen drive?

    I deleted some documents from my transcend pen drive which i thought i had backup. I directly deleted them from my pen drive. After two days when i got to know my mistake i started searching my documents in recycle bin but could not find them. They are really important to me. Can anyone guide me...
  10. bubusam13

    Pen drive read speed !!

    :shock: Check this. Is it normal ? I checked it once, twice, thrice. I copied "The Dirty Picture" and several other movies from my Transcend pen drive to my Hard Disk. Look the read speed. It is about 130 MB/s before. :shock: :shock:
  11. T

    pop-up password for USB pen drives

    Hi ALL, I would like to password proetct my "Pen Drives". The sowftware should be such that, as soon as the pen-drive is inserted it should pop-up the PASSWORD window. Should be able to work on any PC as long as they have WINDOWS installed (TrueCRYPT is not suitable). NOTE: I am not...
  12. J

    Online purchase of pen drive

    Okay I'm planning on buying an 8 gb pen drive from flipkart. I've heard excellent things about flipkart's delivery service. Never bought anything online before. This is gonna be a first :P What do you people think? And also, do you people have any opinion on the best(performing) 8gb pendrive to...
  13. S

    usb flash drive

    i am buying a pen drive online from flipkart. here is the url http://www.flipkart.com/computers/pen-drives/itmczcsuedweymgw?pid=acccwpapnw78zeme&_l=Mov%20fT84kmRKD0p%20AQJKyQ--&_r=y9nkZyQ47WUuvch1MuaDvg--&ref=48f68399-ed8c-46cc-abcb-62f2cad53145 (i dunno whether sharing urls is allowed here). is...
  14. dashing.sujay

    Which pen drive to go for?

    Guys, I'm planning to buy a 16GB pen drive. My only concern is, it should be fast enough, and of course not too costly :D Earlier I thought to go for Corsair, but they are very costly, so now I have narrowed my search to this This one is 3.0. Any comments and suggestions?
  15. V

    write protected

    I have a 4GB i-ball pen drive which is write protected. I can read the files but i cannot delete/move/copy from the pen drive, even formatting s not possible. how do i remove write protected and format the drive? Thanks!
  16. H

    [Complaint] Cheated By Kingston , Suggestion Need

    Hello friends , I got cheated by kingston service center , kingston has outsourced all it's service center to different agency in india , back in 2007 i got a kingston pen drive , within few month it died , then i contacted Kignston on their toll free and registered for rma and they told...
  17. vidhubhushan

    Name of this software

    somebody asked this from me - My friend runs a office with some 30 computers running on windows XP and all are connected (LAN). It is not allowed to put any pen drive in any computers. To check the compliance among the employees the IT people check the systems. They run some software though...
  18. v2kisad

    Looking to buy a 16GB Pen Drive

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy a 16GB Pen Drive. Its a bit confusing with so many options available (plz see link below).Please suggest a Brand/Model to buy. Pen Drives: Computer Accessories List: Flipkart.com Thanks
  19. S

    what inkjet all in one

    Hello friends, I am planing to buy a all in one and my budget is 5k to 6k. i will use it at home. should have wireless connectivity and pen drive printing .and please advise one with cheap for ink type matter. Thanks a lot friends.
  20. S

    Need a 2/4 GB pen drive in good/sealed condition

    Hi Guys.. As per the thread says, i am in the need of a pen drive urgently. Would like to get either a 2 or a 4GB pen drive. Condition: 1) Good/mind/sealed condition Sealed would be awesome. 2) NCR region deal preferred 3) In warranty preferred. Send in your offers guys..
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