Pen drive showing shortcut to itself: Virus??


Right off the assembly line
when i click on my pen drive, only a shortcut to itself appears inside. wen i click on it, a new window opens nd all my files are inside. tried formatting but each time i add a file to drive, the shortcut appears & the file is stored inside the shortcut foldr. now i think my pc and all pen drives i use with it are affectd. i use avast and tried scanning, bt nothing came up. :|


Open the pendrive,right click on the shortcut & select properties.The path [folder] to which it is connected is shown on the "Target".Check if has the same drive letter as the pendrive.If it is Yes,then try to delete the shortcut & see what happens.

If it is not working,then use another pendrive it & check if it has similar issues.
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