1. K

    Stop downloading automatically.

    Hi Guys,'\ *In Google Crome, I want to stop downloading Images automatically while visiting websites. How to do that? * Which ENLGISH fonts will be most beautiful in Microsoft Word 2010 after printing them? *Can we scan continously in a single file if we scan page by page, if a scanner...
  2. A

    Why do publishers/companies provide an online equivalent of the hard copies produced by them?

    why do the companies provide an online equivalent of the hard copies produces by them? the hindu newpaper ....... a supporting website for it is available frontline megazine ........ website available yojana ........ pdf available kurukshetra ....... pdf available pratiyogita darpan...
  3. R

    Digit pdf e-magazine ?

    Hey guys , Those whose read this forum but are reluctant to buy this magazine just because you have to pay 150Rs every month, Think again Think DIGIT. I'm from INDIA, Now living in UAE. When I was a college student I liked Digit a lot but didnt want to waste money on it , Not that I couldnt...
  4. V

    Windows 8 pdf reader

    I bought an ebook yesterday which I when tried opening, the inbuilt pdf reader in Windows 8 asked me for a password. I completeley rechecked the email confirmation but couldn't find any mention of the password. I have already sent an email to the customer care asking for the same. But now I just...
  5. R

    Cannot print pdf file

    I am trying to print a pdf file which is stored in my PC but it is not showing the print file link: Pls tell through which software can i get its print. The file is attached. SST.pdf download - 2shared
  6. D

    How to make a high quality PDFs?

    Hello, I want to make high quality pdf files like the one of companies annual report. After zooming too much the images doesn't loses the quality. I tried converting a word document to pdf using Nitro PDF Pro with high quality export settings. The final output was lost image quality. How can...
  7. I

    Pdf file size

    Some pdf have less pages but huge size. Tell me how to reduce pdf size.
  8. D

    Pdf problem plz help

    hello guys im a newbie in windows, earlier i used only mobiles for office work. please answer the below queries 1) i want to copy Text from a webpage say(any info like profile or resume) and create a PDF file for the same. 2) i have downloaded adobe reader from adobe.com, how to create a...
  9. G

    Mozilla to Adobe: PDFs don't need no more steenking plugins

    Source Pdf.js Pdf Viewer
  10. N

    Spice Tablets opinion required

    I want opinions about spice tablets.Are they good and reliable? Which tablet is good for browsing and PDF reading? I am looking for 7 -10 inch. max buget - 10000
  11. harshilsharma63

    Where to get digit archives

    Hi, I want to know where can I get digit archives in pdf format.
  12. D

    question about kindle touch

    does kindle touch which is currently selling for $99 support pdf as i am going to read magazines on it which is available only in pdf??? :-|
  13. L

    Help regarding Study/home Computer

    A great big hi to all the experts out here in the forum! I have been following this forum for quite some time, and I think you can help me out here, I've filled in my answers below 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers...
  14. mati17

    Coral Draw Tutorials

    Hi Forum, I want to learn Coral Draw fully. I installed the software but don't know how to proceed. Is there tutorials available in pdf form on net. Please suggest me the way.....! Thanks
  15. Niilesh

    HTML to PDF conversion

    Hey Guys I have to submit computer HTML project but it's formatting is not retained while printing So guys I need help Can anyone convert This into PDF or any other format in which formatting is preserved?(like JPEG)
  16. KDroid

    Best Free PDF Editor?

    Please Suggest me a good PDF Editor. TIA. :)
  17. curioustechy

    pdf search

    I've scanned a document and as my scanner is having provision to save directly as a pdf file, I did that. But later on when I searched a word in that document, though its there it didn't turn up. One of my colleague told that you have to convert the scanned pdf files to OMR format. What is that...
  18. R

    How To Build Best Aeroplane in the World

    We all tried to a paper plane when we where small. But sometime it didn't worked as we thought. Check out This interesting pdf that describes every single step required to make World's best Paper airplane
  19. esumitkumar

    best pdf reader for Nokia 5233 ?

    Hi All I have Nokia 5233.. Tried to install many pdf readers but they werent gud..Could you please suggest some fast pdf reader for reading pdf files on 5233 ? Thanks Sumit
  20. gdebojyoti

    Create 'download as PDF' option in web pages

    I have often come across web pages which contain 'download-as-PDF' buttons (used to convert and download the data contained in that page in PDF format). How can I implement the same for my personal site? P.S.: I don't want to use any web service for this. I prefer to do it from scratch.
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