1. D

    edit pdf in batch - zoom in on pages

    I have pdf book(s) which i read in full screen 2 page layout. The pdf has 10% white space on all each pdf's way to remove/zoom out each of the page in batch? - without doing edit on each page..
  2. bubusam13

    Copy protect PDF

    Hi, I need some software to copy protect PDF files. Basically I want to protect some of my office works in PDF format so that others could not copy paste them. I would prefer a freeware. I know adobe acrobat can do that. And is there any software to cpoy protect *.doc files.
  3. kartikoli

    s/w to create pdf with ability to copy text in resultant PDF

    i need a software which can create a PDF from browser and resultant PDF TEXT can be copied to other text editor Eg.notepad normally pdf creator [which work as virtual printer] create pdf which take screenshot of the screen and create a PDF but i need a s/w which give me an option to copy text...
  4. J

    PDF files

    Hi, I want to select PDF text and highlight and colour it. Whats software for this? (Preferably free one)
  5. S

    programming e books

    Please suggest me some websites from wher I can download pdf e bboks freely, relating to c, C++ and java
  6. A

    Fast track in pdf format?

    Hey guys I want all the fast tracks in pdf version so that I can get rid of the hard copies due to space constraint. So if anyone can provide me with these I would be very thankful. Thanks in advance.
  7. B

    Old Digit

    can anybody give me May 2004 issue in PDF Format. i will very very much thankful to him.
  8. gameranand

    [Solved] A software to save file in PDF with print coomand

    Guys I want a software so that whenever I give a print command there should be an option to save that document as pdf file....And please suggest freewares.
  9. arpanmukherjee1

    Reliable PDF to DOC converter

    i want a reliable pdf to doc converter that >does not effect the formatting of text >will convert the file without deleting any text i want it to convert 50-60 paged multiple pdf reports to doc, without checking for errors if the s/w works and is paid, i will buy it.
  10. yomanabhi

    Need best JAVA Apps....

    Hey Guys I need some good Java apps for my Lg gs290 cookie fresh. If it free then it will be best if not then i will see to buy or not.;-) & touch supported will be better but non touch apps will also work. I need these apps: 1) An Mp4, Mp3 player which also show lyrics. As my default player is...
  11. sygeek

    [GiveAway] Axommsoft Image to PDF Converter + A Giveaway site

    Axommsoft Image to Pdf Converter is a powerful converter software from Axommsoft that is designed to covert images, drawings, scans and faxes graphics into portable document format (PDF) file. Image to PDF Converter supports almost all popular image formats such as TIF/TIFF, JPG/JPEG, JPEG...
  12. mohityadavx

    PDF softwares

    Hi! I am doing some pdf related work . Now I am having pdf of size varying from 5 mb to 150mb. 1)Now first of all i want a software which convert DjVu to pdf. What i was doing was using WinZDJview(open source software) with bullzip pdf printer (freeware) to make pdf. However it is unstable...
  13. P

    How to make PDF Copy protected.

    Friends, Can anyone tell me how to make PDF Copy protected ? I did lots of Google search but no perfect method found. Requirement is Simple. MS Word document is saved as PDF. Document is saved as PDF at 100 % in MS word but it opens at 130% in Adobe PDF. - How to make it open at 100 %...
  14. prttal

    Pdf help

    I would like to know how to do this: Convert a .txt file to .pdf Which libraries should I use?
  15. mohityadavx

    Infibeam PI

    Infibeam PI Hi I am a proud owner of Infibeam Pi since the day it launches in fact I had preordered it at Book Mela at Pragati Maidan. Here is a brief review ( nOt writing technical stuff like no of button etc which can already be seen on official website) BOX PIC Pros:- 1) Inexpensive...
  16. S

    Save as pdf file!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was using vista till last week......now i shift to win7 . At that time i hv an option in print option "save as pdf file"..but now it wont there....which software i hv to use for that.....plzz suggest...
  17. rahul_c

    Copy highlighted text all at once

    I am using adobe reader 10 and it has a great highlighting tool, I was trying to make notes using pdf textbooks but its taking lot of time. Is there any way to copy all the highlighted text at once or mark text at different places in same pdf file and copy it all at once? Please reply...
  18. T

    Java Tutorial 1: Read a pdf file in Java using iText library

    Hi, This is a basic tutorial in java, that shows how to read a pdf file. For this we use a library called iText . Using iText library, we can perform various pdf operations that it supports. In this section , we are dealing with calculating the no. of pages & extracting the contents of each...
  19. Sathish

    How to convert PDF to CHM

    chm files are read quicker than pdf in mobile devices. so i have bunch of pdf books. i search google but no specific procedures founds. anybody know making chm files from pdf format. bumped............
  20. Rahim

    Print to PDF problem in Opera Garbled Text

    I print a lot of rticles to PDF format and since i use Opera all the time, I tried but the pdf is all garbled text (cannot be read at al except the images) I have these options in Print Dialog: CUPS-PDF HP Desktop 2400 Print to File(PDF) Print to Postscript I have used all three pdf...
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