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Digit pdf e-magazine ?


Hey guys , Those whose read this forum but are reluctant to buy this magazine just because you have to pay 150Rs every month, Think again Think DIGIT.

I'm from INDIA, Now living in UAE. When I was a college student I liked Digit a lot but didnt want to waste money on it , Not that I couldnt afford it. Now I'm in UAE and I want to read Digit that I'm willing to pay so atleast I could get a PDF Copy. Does Digit have PDF Subscription ?
Digit Covers some of Topics which will be very helpfull in your professional career. you may find if very much different to text books but trust me real world is different.

Go Get Ur Subscription today and can Any1 tel me how I can get PDF Digit Magazine Subscription ???
DIGIT are u listening ??


﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O'RLY?
I saw a thread about pdf magazines. Some users have the pdf and they uploaded it. If you can find the thread, may be they can send you the pdf.


Legend Never Ends
Yup. I'm confirming they have included 12 years of PDF magazines this month in the DVD. Great work by them.

Reading a few old issues and feeling quite nostalgic now.
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