1. K

    Problem in downloading PDF doc

    Hello! I'm facing a peculiar hitch for not being able to download a PDF doc. from a bank's website nor it could be dwnldd in Excel format in my office PC (WinXP Pro, SP2). I've Adobe Reader 8 installed in the system already. The site has arrangement to dwnld. the desired information in both the...
  2. S

    pdf is not opening in firefox

    hi , i m using firefox ver , in the browser pdf files(which are given on the sites) are not opeing , it was showing before dont know what happend, & i already re-install it, & it was closing automatically after min. & max. 2-3 times pls suggest:confused:
  3. ramharis

    group policy

    hi does anybody have a pdf or word doc or an ebook on the group policy so that i could learn what they do and how to configure it
  4. iMav

    ff extension for ...

    is there a ff extension by which i can define the folder path fr certain files downloaded. for eg: if i download a mp3 file i have already defined in the downloader settings tht mp3 goes to c:\xyz and pdf go to C:\asd edit: found it if any1 wants it this is it...
  5. alsiladka

    Windows Vista XPS Document / Printer

    I knew about the XPS Document format from a long time, i had download Windows Vista Product Guide in XPS Format, which was half the size of PDF Format. I was confused at that time wether MS purposefully configured the PDF file to be double the size of XPS to promote XPS, but was not aware of...
  6. CadCrazy

    Software to convert pdf files in other languages to english ????????

    Is there any software to convert pdf files in some other language to english ??????????????
  7. anandk

    Microsoft opens second front against Adobe : With XPS.

    "Silverlight, the rich media technology that Microsoft Corp. trotted out last week, isn’t Redmond’s only attack on Adobe Systems Inc.’s multimedia dominance. In addition to Silverlight, touted as a potential Flash-killer, Microsoft is quietly putting the moves on Adobe’s other popular...
  8. V

    I need a PDF Browser

    Hi All, I have 200+ PDF files on all subject. I need a browser similar to ACDSee Image browser, where I can see the Thumbnail of those 200+ pdf files on the left side and can browse the particular pdf files to read it on the right side. I know we have this option in Adobe Professional...
  9. anandk

    Browser Shortcuts.

    FOR IE, FF, Opera. 60 keyboard shortcuts to move faster in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 F11] -- Toggle full screen mode [Ctrl][Alt][F4] -- Close all but the current tab [Ctrl]E -- Jump to Search box [Ctrl]D -- Add current page to Favorites [Ctrl]Q -- Toggle Quick Tabs view and...
  10. milnniki

    I want to old digit pdf format book.

    i m skeep some of digit issue so now i want to read all old pdf format book so what can i do ?
  11. cynosure

    PDF with Abiword.

    Hi guys, In Abiword, theres an option of saving your file as PDF. But when I try saving the file in PDF format, the PDF readers like Evince and KPDF throw an error message saying the file is not PDF!!! Is there any problem with this plugin of Abiword??? Is there any other program which can save...
  12. jatt

    password protected pdf file

    how can i able to edit a pdf file which is password protected when i want to edit it in photoshop it gives message its password protected.can i able to edit this file or nor help me please thanks in advance
  13. iinfi

    pdf reader for z550i

    Can i get a pdf reader for sony ericsson z550i is there a pdf reader for java based mobiles.
  14. Kalyan

    Pdf Reader for k750i

    Hi all.. Does any one have a pdf viewer for java mobiles. I downloaded the file. I dont remember from where I got the link but I am still searching. It must be from digit forum or some other one. The jad file and jar file are not working. The jad file, on installing says invalid file and...
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