1. K

    PDF Soloution

    Hi Experts, I need to find a solution so people can scan multiple invoices on a printer with a barcode separator between them. The pdf file should sit on a server and a software needs to detect the PDF file and split it into multiple PDFs automatically and then move them into a specific folder...
  2. Charley

    Need Phone less than Rs.8000

    I'm looking for best brand with the following criteria - Big Display[4.5 inches and more] - Android only - Internal Memory of 1 GB and more - Should run apps like Wechat, watsapp, imo, office suite, pdf viewer and apps without any issues - Best SAR value Is MI phones the best? I mean...
  3. Neo

    Queries regarding Kindle Paperwhite

    Q1 how well can I read a "textbook" in kindle? (engineering books, NCERT Books) Q2 how bad is reading a pdf file? Can I convert said pdf to a kindle-friendly format and read it properly? Q3 can I take notes/highlight text/underline etc in books and pdfs? Q3 what do I do If a book I have to...
  4. Skyh3ck

    Free PDF to Word, Excel etc converter

    Hello Guys Can you please suggest some easy to use light and quick free software to convert pdf document to excel, word etc. Thanks
  5. happy17292

    Mobile to replace ipad mini (pdf, ebooks, websurfing) under 10k

    1. Budget : 10k max, although would prefer something under 7.5k if possible. 2. Display type and size: biggest possible. 5.5-6" would be great if possible within my budget 3. Dual sim: doesn't matter 4. Preferred choice of brand: any brand as long as its reliable. I wish to use this mobile...
  6. K

    Scanner problem- please help

    I want to scan my old book and save it in pdf format. But i am getting an output file like as if i have taken a photo with my camera i.e, when i open the output file in pdf reader, the document is in the center with all the white screen around it. Usually the entire screen should be filled with...
  7. K

    Help me with this please- this has become a real challenge to me now

    i want to scan my old book and save it in pdf format. But i am getting an output file like as if i have taken a photo with my camera i.e, when i open the output file in pdf reader, the document is in the center with all the white screen around it. Usually the entire screen should be filled with...
  8. ajayritik

    Need OCR software to edit PDF document

    Hi Friends, I have some PDF documents which are scanned copies and I need them to be edited or converted to excel. Is there any online software available which can do this. Since I can't install the software on machine here I need an online version.
  9. beingGamer

    C#.net PDF to XML convertor

    Hi, as the title say I am finding any third party component that will convert PDF file into proper structured XML file. The thing I want to achieve is- There is a website that generates PDF file and I want to extract the contents of the PDF and use them to store into database. I think...
  10. O

    Missing SKOAR! April 2014

    Guys...sorry this might not be the right section..i am missing the digital edition of SKOAR! from DIGIT-April 2014 edition...the accompanied DVD does not contain the pdf version of SKOAR! Am I missing something? Pls reply. Thanks.
  11. A

    Android tablet for 20k

    I want to buy an android tablet under 20k I would mostly use the tab for pdf reading,slight gaming and browsing
  12. mitraark

    Tablet for reading PDF and browsing, 15k

    Need to buy a tablet mainly for reading PDF, and surfing, mostly reading... budget is 15k Need suggestions as to what should be the ideal size for reading purposes, 8+ inches? Planning on using it while travelling, so a 7" would be easier to carry but will it be too small? Shortlisted Asus...
  13. A

    MS office faux pas

    what microsoft office version can i download free for win 8.Ionly have a few Microsoft redistributable visual software of various MBs of 2008-2010 vintage preinstalled in my original USA made HP window 8 lappy.i had to uninstall a BORROWED microsoft office 2010 after i erroneously downloaded...
  14. B

    Tablet Under10K

    hi to all i need advice reg the price range is up to primary objective of the tab is , also DOC, PPT the size of the PDF May go up to 150mb, so i need such a tab which will smoothly handle big PDF file it should quickly load and scrolling should be quick. its required for...
  15. Zangetsu

    Strange Issue with PDF

    Hi All, Today morning I edited my PDF using Wondershare PDF Editor and checked the result in Foxit Reader. I just changed the date from 15 March to 18 March then I checked the changed pdf file in my frnds PC (which has full of virus & no AV) first of all the worms deleted all the files...
  16. K

    Password how?

    Hi Guys, It relates to Windows 7 ultimate and Microsoft word 2007.I want to give passwords on folders of Word 2007 and pdf documents seaparately. How to do that?
  17. R

    Word file opens in PDF

    hey there i recently found out on my friends pc that when i try to open a word file from my USB it opens in PDF. But the file is a word file. Same file opens in word in my PC. I want to know how can i open my word file in pdf without converting it( manually)?
  18. kool

    Need suggestion for Tablet (Budget: Rs.12,000). How is Nexus 7 for Rs.8999 on Flipkart ?

    Hi guys, I want to buy a Tab for home use for my family. My sis read competitive exams site, my dad read news update on PC. And i read tech blogs, social networking, android rooting & hacking etc ;) I'm confused between Nexus7+16GB+wifi and Nexus7+32GB+3G+wifi on flipkart its Rs.9k and Rs.13k...
  19. R

    Print2PDF Question [ RAM/ Page File ][25GB+ -Usage]

    Why is 19MB word document to PDF conversion showing high usage in printer spooler Its climping 25GB +:o When i use Foxit reader's build in Print2PDF it shows Insufficent RAM warning ,so i am using CuteWriter_ Print2Pdf Details of DOcument i am printing WOrd file - Text & Graphics...
  20. A

    Mhtml to pdf converter in bulk

    I have bulk MHTML files and want to convert these files into pdf format. Atleast 100 files should converted at a time as files are in bulk quantity .Is there any such software there? Pls help .thanks in advance .
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