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  • On my harsh complain, my speeds raised to 11KB/s :|
    I know about it. Its a very old software but main bhul gaya tha :)) Will try it sometime. :) Thnx
    For me, now its like "who will download TCPOtimizer" :)) (you can imagine the situation)
    If I get good speeds, I don't care about pings as it matters much in gaming not usual surfing.
    Ya, but I used to get 27kb/s speeds, but from one week, IDK due to some problem i'm getting ultra low speeds. :x
    I'm getting problem that some images and videos aren't loaded don't know why, may be due to crappy connection.
    IDK but its still not working. :confused:

    I don't have any current games to try out. Plus I can't download anything on speeds of 4-5KB/s :cry:
    Rest now issues at all, perfectly fine :) BTW I'm thinking to get it insured :))
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