Broken In
I am assembling a pc.I have win7 in one of my hdd.when i try to boot the system crashes.BSOD strikes.When I checked the BIOS I see the CPU temperature at a high level.When I installed the processor I saw a thin smear of thermal paste on it so I didnt think it necessary to add any more.I checked the processor again and I think that the paste is too meagre.Do you think that is causing the pc to crash or could there be other reasons. I jst changed the motherboard and the processor.All the rest of the components are from my previous pc and I never never never had any problems with that.My specs are as follows :
Proc : Intel i5-2500K.(new) Mobo :Asus P8P67 (New) and the rest are old... Corsair VX450W ; Sapphire Radeon HD6870 ; WD Hard disk 500 GB x 3 ; CoolerMaster Cosmos Cabinet ; Windows 7 Ultimate ;


Learnin in progress
check the power supply bro i dont think 450 watts is enough for a 3 hdd + gfx card + cd/dvd writer ... but that's my feelin any ways wat error were u gettin i mean to say wats the stop code ??
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