A A A A A A A A A system re-starts again and again .Thermal Paste procedure!!

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rose tamang

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Hi, Guys!!

My System Configuration:
  • Celeron Processor: 3.06 GHz
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte 945
  • DDR2 : 512
  • Seagate HDD: 80 GB

  • My system is in the top floor of a concrete building. The temperature is really high in the room because of the continual exposure to the sun.
  • I checked my cooling fan and found that the thermal paste has gone dry.
  • During Bios set up view: CPU temperature displays 55 degree
  • CPU Fan : Runs Smoothly.
  • I've formatted the C: drive with NTFS and that went smoothly.
  • Windows XP SP 1: During set up, prompts for some * .dll missing and to insert WIN XP CD
  • I've three WINXP CDS and I try with them one after another but the problem goes the same. But when I hit enter key after 5 minutes the set up goes smoothly and stops loading the set up files after few seconds. I've to follow this procedure until Windows installed completely.
  • Now for the first time the XP loads and prompts to create users.
  • After the Windows is installed completely. My computer restarts again and again. It loads but restarts before the Log In screen displays.
  • I used UBCD to scan for viruses but the software found to be 25 months old.

  • Is it my room that messing up with the system?
  • Is there any free antivirus program that can be used in command line?
  • Is it the problem with my XP cds?
  • About the thermal paste, what quantity of it should be pasted on the heat sink? What's the procedure? What's the precaution to be taken?

Please help!!



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"During Bios set up view: CPU temperature displays 55 degree"
55 is actually fine,
i guess you XP CD is corrupted or something try a diff copy.
i hope the 3 diff XP cds u tried are not copies?

rose tamang

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Hey Guys!!

I bought a new Winxp SP 3!!

During set up once it paused for the some *.dll missing. I ignored that and completed installation!!
Now the system's going fine!!
But, since I cold boot my computer, sometimes it restarts during log in and log in for the 2nd time greets me with system error msg box!!!

This experience continues from the previous xp installation.

It happens some times.

Thanks guys!!
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