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Can anyone give me any details on a coolant paste available in India. I would prefer arctic silver and anywhere in east India. Also, please tell me the price and the duration for which a tube would last. I have a Intel core2duo.

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An application of as5 is known to outlast its thermal application of upto 4-8 years on stock settings. For non oced system, even those cheap thermal paste does well, provided one puts them properly.


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Get a Artic Silver 5 which is the best recommended Thermal paste for Intel core2duo.
However please remember this while using it, as there are new instruction for applying it.When applied wrong or in the old way people have actually seen temp rise with Artic Silver 5.
This should come handy.
Applying Arctic Silver 5:
Carefully apply Arctic Silver 5 directly to the heatspreader of the CPU. Only apply thermal compound to the top of the actual CPU heatspreader. Put a very thin line in close proximity to the center of the heatspreader as depicted in red, like the photo at left. Be CAREFUL to apply the thermal compound in the CORRECT DIRECTION. To apply a line in the correct direction, do the following: Make sure to orient your CPU heatspreader with the triangle mark on the chip pointing down and to the left. You can see the yellow arrow on the photo pointing to this triangle mark. The red line in the photo depicts the amount and size of Arctic Silver 5 you will be using. Note the bottom photo at left. This is an Intel Dual Core processor as well but with the heatspreader removed. Notice the elongated chip and how the line of thermal compound will vertically cross the dual core chip when properly applied.


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i read some review that Tuniq TX2 outperforms Arctic Cooling MX-2 and Arctic Cooling MX-2 outperform AS5...anyway its all by small margins.
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