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I am using Windows XP - SP3, am facing strange problem that I am not able copy or cut paste any files who's size is more than 1GB. I can very well do copy or cut paste with the smaller files.

Error: There is not enough free disk space. And wizard for Disk CleanUp opens up...
And it happens for the 4 local drives I have, and have more than enough space required to do it. And facing this problem while doing it in Pen drive also.

I have tried following things:
1] Disk Cleanup
2] Windows Check Disk Option
3] Used TweakNow PowerPack

Please suggest wat else I can do the same.

Open Command Prompt by Start>Run .In the command prompt type:
"convert C: /fs:ntfs"
Do the same for other drives also and then try to copy content.

And see if that works
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