1. mikael_schiffer

    Query+Problem regarding Wallpaper setting on Android

    Is there a way of getting the flexibility in adjusting the wallpapers in Android? In TouchWiz UI of my old Samsung Galxaxy Ace, when i was setting the wallpaper, i had 2 options A) Keep the wallpaper single page only. So no matter which homescreen i am in, the wallpaper will be static B) The...
  2. S

    Jbl j03b or audio technica ath sj11????

    I have to buy a new pair of headphones for my ipad. Which one should i prefer between these two?? Is there a better option than these in the same price range??
  3. T

    Tablet with 3g under 10k

    I want to buy tablet under 10k with 3g connectivity. I've narrowed down on xolo qc800 and xonpad 7. Which is the better one ? A suggestion for new option is always a welcome. Thanks in Advance
  4. ShankJ

    Urgent advice for new cell ~28K!!

    My friend needs a new cell under 28K.. Main usage will be net surfing and few apps like WhatsApp and hike. Presently she has shortlisted Grand 2 and S4.. Which would be a better option or is there any better option available.. The budget is of about 26~28K.
  5. TheHumanBot

    ByPass FREE Ammy Admin Usage limit?

    Ammy Admin says enough with free usage BUY now. won't let me use for even 1-2 minutes. teamviewer is not an option for me. i want to make this one work. :|
  6. HE-MAN

    Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 demo first impressions

    downloaded the demo at 1.16gb installed and played it and still playing. the main problem of 1st game was fixed camera which is not the case with these game, keyboard controls are very well placed by default although the game recommends a gamepad. in game option also includes the option to...
  7. X

    Best mid range gaming Ultrabook?

    Hi Guys, Ive been a laptop gamer for quite some time now, my previous laptop i bought was from usa however this time i have no option to buy from there and i need a laptop now urgently as my 5 year old beast finally gave up on me :-( Im looking for a low/mid gaming ultra book with high...
  8. R

    Sony Vaio or other

    I an looking to buy a laptop. can someone advise me some if vaio will be a good option or not? budget is 40k to 50k inr.
  9. jatt

    Please help to install windows on laptop

    Hi frnds, Happy new year, Please help i purchased laptop with registered windows and a sticker on the back of this laptpop,but now i want to format whole hardisk and want to clean install regional registered windows 7 how can i do that,because there is no option for to fill serial key in if i...
  10. patkim

    No Display related

    My desktop display output is connected to Philips LCD TV thru HDMI. Sometimes I just switch off the TV completely while the PC may still be running e.g. in case I have some download that’s gonna take 2 – 3 hours. Now later after long time when I turn On the TV, there's no display on HDMI. This...
  11. V

    i5 4440 vs FX-6300?

    THIS PC IS STRICTLY FOR GAMING PURPOSE nd WATCHING fHD MOVIES ONLY (no software related work)!! Now i know 6300 is hell of a processor for gaming but its "no igpu" bothers me. Right i have two config in my mind, please help me choosing (or give a better idea) 1) i5 4440 (or 4430 whichever...
  12. D

    need to buy a smartphone, under 15K

    i need a android phone: budjet 15K preffered brand Sony looking for a good display and music quality for multimedia screen size 4" it should come in pocket in budjet Xperia m dual seems a good option but anyone here who can tell me best alternative to this phone
  13. ajayritik

    Best method to back up important data especially Pictures and Videos

    I have a huge collection of Personal Photos and Videos. Most of these I have been burning recently on Verbatim Dual Layer DVD. However recently read somewhere that it's better to upload these online rather than taking backup. So which among the following is the best option to back up data. 1...
  14. bssunilreddy

    Which Option Should I go for?

    Hai, I have the following RIG as specified in my Signature but lately I am not able to overclock and even if I overclock to 4.0GHz I cannot get past Prime95 as my RIG is freezing after I run Prime95 and I am also getting high temps even on stock settings while using Corsair H60 Cooler.So I am...
  15. G

    Need a laptop under 45k

    Well here's the questionnaire: 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) >>Not above INR 45k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? >> I prefer a 14-15" screen. No touch screen required. 1080p would be great. :lol: 3) What are the primary tasks will you be...
  16. G

    what is sRGB?

    I have a Samsung syncmaster 793df 17" flat CRT monitor. By accessing side button MENU i found an option sRGB OFF, if i ON it my screen becomes brighter and above it a thermometer looking thing with "K" beside it changes from 9300K to 6500K. 1)What is this option? 2)Should i keep it ON or OFF...
  17. krishnandu.sarkar

    What if someone pays CC Bill by the same or other CC?

    Well, the thread title says everything, just got my bill yesterday, and while paying, this thing came to my mind. What if someone keeps paying the bill by the same CC or some other CC(if that person have multiple CC's)? In this way, he can use the loophole forever, and can never pay bank...
  18. N

    Looking for a 24" Full HD TV - How is LG 24LN4300?

    I am looking for a small TV which I can also use as a PC monitor(via HDMI). Came across LG 24LN4300 which has a Full HD IPS Panel. LG site does not say about it's response time and all. Is it a good option? Does 24LN4300 use AH-IPS panel? How is the IPS glow, contrast ratio etc? Is there a...
  19. S

    Need info regarding use of data card on Galaxy Tab2 GT-P3110

    Hello guys, I was thinking of getting a usb host otg cable to connect a datacard on my tablet as my tab don't have the option to use a sim card. But before i do that I just wanted to know if its possible. Any help from galaxy tab users would be much appreciated.
  20. vrk

    Canvas 4 ??

    Hello Guys.... I am planning to book micro max canvas 4. I didn't had hands on it , I have just seen its images. so what are your reviews ??? I have the budget around 25k so is any other option ??? I am ready for both android and windows phones. please help me out. Regards vrk
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