sony xperia p worth it?


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hai guys..
Friend of mine is in need of good smart phone below 15k.
Xperia p is available on Ebay for 14500 with one year seller warrenty.
Is it worth? or any other better option


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Lg L9 for 15k with 1 year manufacturer warranty. Deal ends in 15 hours. LG Optimus L9 P765 Mobile - White | eBay . Better than Xperia P.


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L9 really better than xperia P?

main points are: more battery backup, IPS display, slightly faster processor + GPU. however one of the biggest weakness of L9 is the camera. also L9 has a microSD card unlike P's unexpandable memory.


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@OP xperia P's 8 MP shooter is best in class. If u r after camera then skip L9 other wise L9 is the way to go.


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if OP increases his budget then definitely XL...under 15k..XP all the way to go over L9 and S has great screen n viewing 275 ppi giving decent sharpness experience..even if it has less battery backup, it still gives decent backup...8 mp shooter is best in its HDMI output u getting..n great aluminium body looks..if he wants bigger screen n battery backup.then L9 but ppi is low having same qHD resolution as that of XP..:)


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@Megamind: Seller warranty != Manufacturer Warranty which means there is no guarantee for warranty :???:.

If you have any hardware issues, you have to ship it to the seller for warranty.

Battery in XP may be only 1350mAh, but Sony has done a good job making the device last just as long as any other comparable Android phone, despite the 4-pixel per dot screen (red, green, blue and white). Also the device has a very premium look and feel to it than L9. I have personally not come across an L9, so can't say about its +/-.
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