1. A

    Mobile phone around 5k

    I was looking for a mobile phone around 5000rs having all those necessary features.I could find micromax a50 ninja priced at rs 4990 having android 2.3.6,aisha software(Indian opponent of apple's siri),3G,wifi,dualsim,2 MP camera,3.1"screen etc.And considering the user reviews from...
  2. R

    How's the combo??

    I am planning on buying i5 2500 (non K) + Biostar TZ68K+ (Z68 as i want my 1600MHz to run on its capacity). Please let me know your opinion on the combo. I am looking for some thermal paste too. Can anyone suggest some good ones with the links to buy??
  3. A

    Trip to wagha n amritsar

    I have read a number of descriptions of the Wagha border ceremony and each indicates that there are no bags allowed, including camera bags. Assuming this to be correct, can someone offer an opinion about which one lens I should take with me to the ceremony - the 18-55; or the 55-200? Tips...
  4. thetechfreak

    Abbreviations commonly used in forums.

    Commonly Abbriviations used in forums. Common expressions ASAP=As soon as possible AFAIK == As Far As I Know BTW :- By The Way DIY : Do It Yourself FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions FTW :- For the Win FYI == For your information GTFO : Get The Feck Off ISP : Internet Service Provider IIRC ==...
  5. socrates

    Govt Plans To Use FB To Gauge Public Opinion

    Also plans to bring about more transparency in governance in the electronic way. Is this real or another way of keeping tabs on people? Govt Plans To Use FB To Gauge Public Opinion
  6. S

    After CCNA.. CCNP or MCITP

    I have completed CCNA(not online certified;). Now I plan to go to higher level. My budget is limited. I have two options to choose 1. CCNP 2. MCITP(or MCSE) Please tell me your opinion. What will be the best combo with CCNA for getting a nice job ?
  7. H

    Who is wrong? and who is Right? please dont ignore I need all your opinion

    Plz dont neglet my opinion, please give me your opinion, i need it to save myself. The story goes like this, I love a girl, and I have talked to her dad, but her dad said no, and told that she is already engaged with an NRI, and my dad even went and told that NRI that, the girl and I both...
  8. codename_romeo

    Need feedback about quality of BH-217

    Hey guys Its been a long time i have posted in this forum. By the way i wanted an opinion on how Nokia BH-217 performs. Please reply asap, coz i plan to buy it in a couple of days.
  9. Pein

    Advice on gaming pc.. under 70k

    hi guys, i m buying a new pc just for gaming purpose and a lil bit of software's like adobe photoshop,microsoft.....etc.. so the pc should be in 70,000 inr...and i m not going to buy another stuff like monitor or anything else... i have a acer monitor...max res 1440*900... so plz give u r...
  10. Faun

    DSLR under 50k

    I want to start with a new hobby apart from the usual tech addiction. I am looking for a good DSLR probably during the festive season of Diwali. Share your opinion. Thanks.
  11. Faun

    Yay or nay ?

    Need your opinion on this particular song. Want it to be exhaustive. Like different age group, profession, gender etc. Just listen to "Your Hand In Mine - Explosions In The Sky". And tell your opinion about the song. Optionally one can jot down their age, profession and gender too...
  12. IronCruz

    FIFA11 Is out..!!!

    Have anybody tried FIFA11 or PES 11? Is it gonna be in October Issue of Digit? Please tell ur opinion about the game..
  13. S

    Java EE Framework

    I have just started to learn Jave Enterprise Development, but i am totally confused by the number of different frameworks available. Which is the best framework in your opinion and why.
  14. G

    laptop querry!

    hey guys, i m havin a budget of around 45 k,max 50k for multimedia & home use..i wud appreciate ur opinion on this..i hv zeroed in on dell n hp.. shud i go fr upgrade to i5 processor?
  15. vamsi_krishna

    Who's your ISP and What is your plan???

    The thread says it all. Show off your ISP and your plan.. not to mention you opinion about your ISP and VFM of your plan. My ISP: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Telecom District: Tirupati Plan: Home 500c+ BW allowed: 2.5gb (excluding NightUL from 2-8 AM) Opinion: Best service one...
  16. Anorion

    January 2010 - Opinion Poll

    The Opinion polls are back. This is for the January issue.
  17. D

    everyone's opinion welcome

    I want to know everyones opinion about : what are the social changes took place because of web 2.0 . :???: web 1.0 : through webpage only providing information web 2.0 : interactive web pages like blogging , social networking , video-file sharing etc
  18. rhitwick

    Do you deserve a second chance?

    A lot of times when something goes wrong due to our stupidity, ignorance or certain unavoidable conditions; we always think we could have done much better or we could have fixed that if we were given a second chance. Do you think you should have given a second chance to prove yourself? Do you...
  19. Goten

    Laptop Screen Screwed - Pls Help

    Here is an image of the problem. It is better if u watch the whole scenario on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3ahYTUVarM I guess my lcd's backlit got fried up. What's ur opinion n how much would it cost me. Nehru place rates pls. Thanks for ur help in advance. P.S.- I did not...
  20. T


    Does any one believe in it? i am sure some of you guys are impressed by the zeitgeist:addendum did you learn anything more? lets use this thread to converse about our opinion
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