Abbreviations commonly used in forums.


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Commonly Abbriviations used in forums.

Common expressions​

ASAP=As soon as possible
AFAIK == As Far As I Know
BTW :- By The Way
DIY : Do It Yourself
FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions
FTW :- For the Win
FYI == For your information
GTFO : Get The Feck Off
ISP : Internet Service Provider
IIRC == If I recall correctly
IMO :- In My opinion
IMHO == In my humble opinion
JK == Just Kidding
KISS == Keep It Simple Stupid
LOL :- Laughing Out Loud
LMAO :- Laughing My A*** Off
OMG == Oh My God
OP == Original Poster
OMFG - Oh my effing god
GTFO = Get the frock out.
OMGWTFBBQ-an expression of surprise or shock.
PITA == Pain In The @$$
POD == Print on Demand
POS == Piece of Sh*t
POV == Point of View
QFT == Quoted For Truth
ROFL :- Rolling On The Floor Laughing
RTFM == Read the F***ing Manual!
SF == SciFi == Science Fiction
STFU : Shut the F*** Up
SIH : Shout Instantly Here
TA : Thanks Again
TIA :- Thanks in Advance
TBH == To be honest
WTF :- What the F**K
VFM - value for money

Tech expressions​

AWG: American wire gauge
PCB= Printed Circuit Board
IC= Integrated circuit
Cap(s)= capacitor(s)
FSB= Front side bus
PSU= Power Supply Unit
IPA= Isopropyl alcohol
GOTY - game of the year
AA= Anti aliasing
FPS - Frame Per Second
FSB - Front Side Bus
HSF - Heat Sink and Fan
IC - Integrated Circuit
OC - Overclock (Over Clock)
PnP - Plug 'n Play
SLI - Scan Line Interleave
CF- crossfire
BIOS - Basic Input Output System
BCLK: Bus Clock
IHS: Integrated heat spreader
SSD - solid state disk
TIM - thermal interface material
GPU - graphics processing unit
IGP - integrated graphics processor
BSOD - blue screen of death
Vcore= CPU voltage
AMD= Advanced micro devices
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

Not So common expressions​

FTF == Face to Face
FWIW == For What It's Worth
HTH : Hope This Helps
IME == in my experience
IMLE == in my limited experience
FOCL - Falling Off Chair Laughing
IMNSHO == In my not-so-humble opinion
IOW == In other words
ISTR == I seem to recall/remember
JW == Just wondering
MHLF == May He Live Forever
MIBRS == May It Be Released Soon
NBD == No Big Deal
NOE == Nap of the Earth (flying low enough that a very brave passenger could reach out and touch terrain features passing below)
NPOV == Neutral Point of View (Wikipedia term)
OTOH : On The Other Hand
PDF == Personal Dungeon Fantasy
QQ == Quick Question
RPK == Rev. Pee Kitty
SE : Search Engine
SWAG == Scientific Wild-@$$ Guess.
TMBW == They Might Be Watching!
TTBOMK == To the best of my knowledge
WAG == Wild A$$ Guess
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ya nice work, It should be like Sticky. Noobs should read this immediately after registering.


Nice job. Good for new comers.

@thetechfreak IC and FSB repeated. Edit.....

And include
GOTY - game of the year


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I am letting this run only because this is in community discussions. Next time, search forums before creating new threads.


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Well Krow bhai, I felt the need of such a thread as even now I am confused with few acronyms. You should sticky one thread. The thread by vaibhavtek looks lot better than mines. Sticky one thread.
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