1. A

    details about ccns ?

    hiiiiiiiii am doin final year bca and after dat i would like to do ccns provided by cms education.wht ur opinion about ccns ?is it good one for me?plz post ur reply....dis the site link www.cmsinstitute.co.in
  2. A

    which is better ?

    Hi techies i want to know your opinion here which one do you think is better firefox or flock ? give your opinion which one you prefer and why ?
  3. New

    Your opinion about Dell Inspiron 13

    Hi friends.:) One of my friends planning to buy Delll Inspiron 13 in few days.I need your opinion on this. Thanks.
  4. mikael_schiffer

    Best Antivirus/Anti Spyware/Internet Protection etc etc

    Ok people, i am not very frequent in this forum(i prefer CHIP) so i am not sure if this topic has come up here. So i wanted the opinion of the people here. Considering we r on a limitless budget and price doesn't play a factor- Which software,used in tandem, will provide the best over all...
  5. H

    The Final Debate....

    As you all know, the Nuclear deal of India and america is going to be signed. Express your views and comments.... My opinion is : I STRONGLY OPPOSE IT if you don't know what it is yet, refer the given links... Vote for it...
  6. raksrules

    any one dealt with theitwares.com ?

    Has anyone dealt with theitwares.com ?? If yes then hows the service and general opinion about them ?
  7. dhanusaud

    Is there any OS for mobile device dat beats Symbian OS

    Guys, Let me know is there is any OS for mobile device dat beat Symbian OS on spot. Wht is your opinion for Symbian OS...does it goes excellent or worst?
  8. S

    Abit IX38 QuadGT

    Guys i have decided to purchase Abit IX38 QuadGT, it has good OC performance, googled for review. It costs Rs 11.5K Please provide your opinion on this board, regarding quality, stability etc
  9. A

    Best Anti-SPYWARE

    Which is the best antispyware in ur opinion?
  10. ancientrites

    Asus - Gigabyte War

    http://www.tomshardware.com/news/asus-gigabyte-motherboard,5403.html seriously digitians things are not looking good for asus. your opinion:(.
  11. C

    Your chance to make your voice heard! What is your opinion on Broadband providers?

    Did you have a bad experience? Or do you think your broadband provider has provided exemplary service? Do you notice that the same ISP seems to give dramatically different levels of service in different regions, due to competition or the lack of it? If you have an opinion and you want it...
  12. ::cyborg::

    Welcome To Broadband Pacenet

    hi guys i saw this when i logged today to my net account of pacenet.omg LOL Just see spelling mistakes. my net wallah is a big stupid even the customer care sucks whenever i call a guy picks up the phone and i can hear the air coming from his nostrils so badly that its impossible to talk...
  13. S

    is this genuine?

    I got this as PM. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi, I'm Samir Makwana, Writer with DIGIT Magazine. DIGIT is India's largest circulating technology magazine. We've a section called Opinion Poll that we carry every month in our Magazine. In Opinion Poll, we...
  14. satyamy

    Your Opinion for MS Silverlight ?

    As the title suggest What is Your Opinion for Microsoft Silverlight Is it worth to use it ? any experience ? :rolleyes:
  15. dotcommakers

    buying e90 - give me your opinion/experience

    hi friends i am going to buy nokia e90 in few days.. Does any one has it? Please give me your opinion Any defect you find? write it here! What function you like most? write it here! regards
  16. aryayush

    Opinion column: Why doth thou ignore Asia, O mighty Apple?

    Opinion column: Why doth thou ignore Asia, O mighty Apple? Posted Jan. 23, ’08, 12:00 PM PT by Aayush Arya Right off the top, I’ll tell you that this is opinion column is related to Apple’s presence in Asia, or specifically the lack thereof, and the attitude of Indian customers towards the...
  17. Sukhdeep Singh

    Congrats Santosh, Charan and ME!

    Hi Finally got my hands on this Month's Magazine and its great to See Santosh and Charan's Software - Gigasmilies there :) Also happy to see myself in Opinion Polls :D Although Place "Jalander" is wrongly mentioned but eh no worries :) Thanks Team Digit:cool:
  18. topgear

    The Most SeXiest Mobile Phone You Think

    I am starting this thread to know about which mobile & smart phone is the most sexiest in your opinion ? I think the thread title already describes the purpose of this thread. So I am not going any further about explaining this thread. So guys let's begin. In my opinion the most sexiest phones...
  19. appu

    Blog Theme Changed....Opinion needed

    i have just changed the theme of the blog and i think it looks a lot nicer then the older one and a bit more professional...so how is the theme in your opinion. plz do tell me also suggest the features u would like here.... And also any changes in the placement and things I am still adding all...
  20. P

    Best Way To Withdraw Money of Adsense Cheque ?

    Hi friends, One of my friend got his 1st adsense cheque. He has got cheque from Citibank. He has savings account in HDFC. If we encash cheque in HDFC how much extra do they charge ? No Problem if it takes few days. Please also give opinion about other banks ? Which is the best...
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