1. vidhubhushan

    Opinion on Redmi 4A

    seeking Opinion on Redmi 4A. thinking of getting it for mother (she wants to spend least as it will be used mainly for voice) to be used with 4gVoLTE sim. is it an ok phone? i think it does not have any screen protection like dragontrail so if its ok to get, any / which screen protectors...
  2. U

    Give your opinion on this Configuration Price

    Hello my friends, Here is the my answers for questionnaire 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans...
  3. TechnoBOY

    opinion about malware anti byte ??

    opinion about malware anti byte ??
  4. TechnoBOY

    Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 thread

    whats your opinion about grand 2
  5. K

    My Tech Blog

    Hey guys, I wanted to know wether my blog is good enough or I need to improve in some fields. Here is the link of my blog TechBlazr And also guys, give me ur opinion on how to Improve SEO and traffic ! Thanks. - - - Updated - - - BUMP guys !! Need suggestions !
  6. A

    Whats your opinion on narender modi for pm..

    Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is racing for next Pm, country people are also expecting him for next PM of country, what is your opinion for Narendra modi for pm 2014?
  7. A

    Opinion on narender modi for pm

    Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is racing for next Pm, country people are also expecting him for next PM of country, what is your opinion for Narendra modi for pm 2014?
  8. S

    Sony 47" W800A vs Sony 46"W950A

    Hey Guys, I have finally narrowed down my choice to these 2 TV's. Here i am just trying to contemplate if it is worth paying the extra 30k for the W950A. I have demoed both the sets and here are my opinion. I used Avengers bluray rip on both the TV's at the showroom. Honestly could...
  9. D

    want some opinion on gaming mouse

    I have been addicted to cod4 multiplayer for quite a while & i feel i m not playing upto my expectation. Currently i m using logitech m215 mouse (1000dpi) on any random surface like my exam pad, textbook :mrgreen: which i find difficult during close combats(half of my magazine just finishes...
  10. ankush28

    Opinion needed on 27k rig

    Guys I need you opinions for rig Following components are fixed I need opinion about processor+MoBo+graphic card. Corsair 4GB 1333 ~1,800 Dell IN2030 ~ 5900 zebronics cabinet ~700 Corsair CXv2 430 ~ 2,500 WD Caviar Blue 500gb ~ 3,100rs samsung/asus odd~ 900(??) Any kb/m~ 500 Total 15.4k...
  11. S

    What, in your opinion, ought to be a good configuration for a programming-only dual-monitor setup?

    I'm asking this out of curiosity, since a good percentage of the people here are from a IT background. What do you guys feel ought to be a good setup for a programming-only PC? No gaming requirements. I'm adding dual-monitors as a condition, since it seems to be popular opinion that the...
  12. S

    Brainwavz M2???

    Hey guys, I am looking for a new pair of earphones and i have zeroed in on the Brainwavz M2. Should i buy them or are there other better options in this price range?? Kindly give your valuable opinion. Regards.
  13. L

    opinion about Samsung galaxy s advance....

    hey guys.... I am getting S advance for 17 k.... fits perfectly into my budget.... so wanted opinion if i should go for it.... the reason m going for s advance..:: JB update , dual core and price.... cons...:: a year old.... what u guys think....??
  14. C

    Selected Dell XPS 14, wants to know ur opinion

    Hello Friends, I want to buy ultrabook. Features I am looking for are: 1. FHD 2. Dedicated GPU, can play two years old games. 3. Good battery back up. 4. decent speed. 5. weight as much less as possible 6. Future proof for atleast next three years. Wants to know your opinion on this. I don't...
  15. O

    BenQ g2025hd

    What opinion you guys have bout this monitor ? for the people who need 16:9 monitor. it comes at around 5k including taxes locally.
  16. H

    gaming headset

    Which is better ? True 5.1 surround channel headset or virtual 7.1 channel headset? Also give your opinion about coolermaster cmstorm 5.1 headset? Thanks in advance
  17. nick191

    Throttling and heating issue solved in np550p5c-s02in ?

    I just heard that THROTTLING AND HEATING ISSUE is SOLVED in NEW BIOS update or these ISSUES are not present in NEW LAPTOP ! Those user who doesn't have these issue or get solved give your opinion about 550P-S02 here in this THREAD, We have to buy this laptop or not ? how it is in GAMING ...
  18. N

    Opinion Required -Dell Inspiron 15R N5110

    I want opinion about this laptop - ebay deal of week item - Dell Inspiron 15R N5110, Intel Core i7-2670 Quad Core, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 1GB Nvd | eBay My requirement - browsing, programming, video capturing, music and videos. I am not a gamer.
  19. K

    Inspiron 15R performance opinion

    After weeks of searching, I have finally decided to buy the Dell Inspiron 15R for my purpose of a gaming laptop within 42k. Its specs are:- 3rd gen core i5-3210M@2.5 GHz with turbo boost upto 3.1GHz 4GB RAM 1 DIMM (4GB x1) DDR3@1600Mhz AMD Radeon HD 7670M DDR3 1GB 15.6" HD WLED True-Life...
  20. D

    Naptol - reliable?

    Has anyone tried to purchase a TV or anything from Naptol? What is the experience? Also, do you think it wise to purchase a TV online? I am in two minds really, and need your opinion.
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