1. K

    Best antivirus of 2005

    Tell me your opinion poll as well as reviews about which antivirus is good and perfect to use
  2. T

    MTNLs Triband Service

    Wat is ur opinion abt MTNLs Triband Service?
  3. J


    Im planning to buy either PS2 or Xbox.Now i want u guyz to plz help me know which is better in ur honest opinion...everything u knw abt da consoles.. help wud really b appreciated. bye
  4. I

    The Best First Person Shooter ever

    A game that redefined the genre.................... Which game was it according to u Give ur opinion in the poll........... The game that started it all
  5. anandk

    Avant vs. Maxthon.

    Avant or Maxthon browser. Both IE based. Both feature rich. Which one is better? Whats your experience and opinion ? Why ? :?:
  6. S

    girlz zone

    how can i impress girls n propose them ans. should be only in girls opinion
  7. cooldip10

    PLZ poll here....

    think u r a die hard computer player ??? :wink: Register opinion here..
  8. hack expert

    Have any of u guys played gta vice city on lan

    well i got a patch named multi theft auto v5... installed it tried out with one of my freinds well its awesome i would like opinion of u guys who have played it n some more gameplaymodes in it if possible
  9. A

    what do u think about microsoft company!!!!

    SINce many years microsoft has been ruling the computers they have been the king of computers can everyone tell me their opinion about the microsoft and which section would u like 2 go if gien chance??
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