1. chimera201

    Skylake Bugs Aren't Odd, They're Prime

    Skylake Bugs Aren't Odd, They're Prime
  2. Chetan1991

    Need Laptop optical disc drive adapter to add another HDD.

    I'm looking to replace my laptop's HDD *www.digit.in/forum/storage/185884-need-best-performing-2-5-internal-hdd-within-4k.html (please visit if you can help), but hig performance HDDs don't have large capacity or are quite expensive for large capacities. So I thought I could just add...
  3. nbaztec

    [For Sale] Cooler Master Elite 310 Cabinet + LG ODD

    [SOLD] Cooler Master Elite 310 Cabinet + LG ODD SOLD!! Model number and details: Elite 310 Cabinet Perfect condition. No scratches. No grease. No nothing. Working USB headers and Jacks Original carton and everything within (screws) LG ODD IDE. Working condition. Date of...
  4. S

    Removing DVD drive

    I have a Sony SB16FG laptop and want to do away with the DVD drive. Can someone give pointers how to go about it? I'd also like to know if I can install an SSD in the ODD bay. If so, are there any specific accessories available to fit the SSD into the bay?
  5. Ronnie11

    logitech z506 bass cracking

    Hello guys,i just bought logitech z506 speakers & the bass all of a sudden started sounding odd as if its cracking or something...what should i do???
  6. saurabh_1e

    hd 5670 x 2

    hd 5670 x 2 on cm real 460 watts Will Two HD 5670 will work on cm real power 460 watts with phenom x 1055t msi 890gx 4 gb gskill ddr3 ram 2 x hdd 1 x odd for crossfire do you need some extra cables or something else ?(learned from somewhere one graphic card should be master this is...
  7. krates

    Any problem with 5800 ?

    Well after going through TE market from past few days i figured out that almost 10-11 peoples have sold or selling there 5800 by giving some odd reason like going for iphone, have two etc. Is there any problem with the phone :?:
  8. gora

    Psu For This Config!!!!please Help Utterly Confused

    hey guys,please help me out of this nagging little problem, this is my config------------ core 2 duo E7300 gigabyte G31(GA-EG31M-S2) 2GB DDR2 RAM 320 GB HDD 1 ODD 1 PRINTER PALIT 9600GT please tell me the psu required within a budget of rs 2500,and please hurry because i buying this config on...
  9. gora

    To Sell My Two Pc's

    Hey guys,I am from kolkata and any of u kolkatans want to buy my hardware,contact me,this is what i have to sell :) PC-I(24/7 DOWNLOADING RIG) P4 3.0 GHZ MERCURY MOTHERBOARD 256 MB DDR1 RAM 80 GB HDD PIONEER ODD 15 INCH CRT SELLING PRICE: 5000 RUPEES PC-II CORE2 DUO E6300,946GZIS...
  10. sourishzzz1234

    Odd Problem

    ...hii .. recently i was experiencing problems with my mobo(MSI) i changed to abit IP 35E but am experiencing odd problems.... 1. i have a sparkle 8500GT 512MB i installed the vista newly but whenever i tried installing the driver (even from other sources than the CD) the next time i boot...
  11. J

    XP OEM activation after upgrade?

    have been using legal XP OEM for the past 3 years. I had formatted and reinstalled several times and there was no problem activating again. Same with occasional hardware changes. Now that I am upgrading almost everything other than HDD and ODD, is it likely that I may face problems? And if so...
  12. N

    FS: 100 Odd Original Eng. Movies (DVDs)

    Hi Guys... I have quite a few original DVD movies I'd like to sell-off... coz I don't require them anyone (will shift to HD stuff by nxt year... hope it bacomes standard by then ;-)) Movies includes classics like the American Pie Series, and some recent new ones like Hostel 1 & 2...
  13. K

    Help required for Old Games

    Hi All New here , just joined. I upgraded to XP SP2 about 3 years ago and LCD monitor about a year ago. I had kept all my old Win 98 games in my locker and recently when I reloaded them, I found all sorts of odd behavior with the games . I am especially fond of the Campaign Series from...
  14. gary4gar

    [tricky method] Find whether a number is odd or even.

    I ask you how to Find whether a number is odd or even. you woudl say what a big deal. its a easy question but the catch is Conditions :- Not to use Division Operator (/), Multiplication Operator (*) and Modulous Operator (%)/ We can use Addition Operator (+) and Substraction Operator (-)...
  15. entrana

    help in java homework anyone?

    i need a simple program, i think using for loop, to find odd numbers till a specified number using command line argument. like i want to find out all odd numbers till 10.
  16. mediator

    How to prove that all odd numbers are prime?

    I found this and thought to share Source : Nuthing goes peacefully without the source! :)
  17. T

    Digit Subscribers

    On what dat do you guys receive the copy? My place the book stall guy doesnt get it for me till 10th odd. You get it earlier? or later?
  18. M

    dvd capacity...!!

    hello guys..!! im just gt mah dvd writer working...and im all exctd to use it...bt thrs one prob...!! ive gt a lot of movies...including some series as well...like the fast and furious.. i want all the three movies to be written on one dvd....bt wen i add one 700 mb odd .avi file in the nero...
  19. wizrulz

    8mb odd gayab!!!

    8GB odd gayab!!! my friend got a new 120mb hdd..... i could not go to his place during installation and partition so he called me for the process of installation and i guided him thru.... But when all was doen there was a problem PARTITIONS are c=> 27.9 GB d=>41.9 GB e=>20.9 GB f=>20.9...
  20. A

    Nero update

    I have Nero 6 Ultra Edition v On searching the web I find theres an update available. When I click on the update button im redirected to the downloads page of Nero wherein I am directed to download the whole of 32 odd MB of the updated software. Is there any site where I can get...
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