[For Sale] Cooler Master Elite 310 Cabinet + LG ODD


Master KOD3R
[SOLD] Cooler Master Elite 310 Cabinet + LG ODD

Model number and details:

Elite 310 Cabinet
  • Perfect condition. No scratches. No grease. No nothing.
  • Working USB headers and Jacks
  • Original carton and everything within (screws)
  • IDE.
  • Working condition.

Date of purchase:
Elite 310 Cabinet: October, 2010
LG ODD: 2008

Reason for sale:
Elite 310 Cabinet: Needed a bigger cabinet ASAP
LG ODD: No requirement

Warranty details: None, iirc.

Expected Price: 1.7k 1.5k for both (count ODD as free) Price Reduced!!

Location of Seller: Delhi (Local buyers preferred)

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Interested in the Cabinet.

I bought the cabinet for Rs 1400 w/o ODD. Deal went smooth, expect for the fact that I made nbaztec wait like for 40 min on bus stand. :D
Also bought a SATA 80 gig HDD for like 1k, which I will pay after I test it.

But this thread can goto "Completed deal" section now. ;)
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