1. Rockstar11

    where can i buy nokia n82 internal lkeypad?

    where can i buy nokia N82 internal keypad Membrane Flex cable in Mumbai? like this typ reply plz... :(
  2. Ronnie11

    Nokia n82 music library problem

    Hey guys,i have a problem with my n82 phone for some time now...the problem is whenever i sync music via data transfer from computer to phone..it does the job but when i refresh my library,it keeps going on & on without showing anything...what should i do?my phone is 2 years old,so no warranty...
  3. Ronnie11

    Black Lines on Nokia N82 Screen...

    Hey guys,i noticed this morning that there are some black lines which are horizontal & in the shape 'F'...It wasn't there yest & i noticed it this morning when i answered a call...what is this black lines??Any other n82 users experienced this..are these dead pixels?Its been 2 years & 1 month...
  4. dotcommakers

    n82 brand new.. un used..give me your offer

    I have got N82 I have no used as I am using e71 and xperia x1 It's not used but its not in seal boxed.. I have got it from USA, from one of my client. Custom department has opened sealed box .. You will get everything.. original box, accessories and even shipping box too and all...
  5. krates

    Nokia N82 Production Stopped WTF !!!

    :neutral::neutral::neutral: N82 not available in www.nokia.co.in products page *www.nokia.co.in/find-products/products confirmed a priority dealer :|:|:| i was thinking of getting this phone people who are thinking of getting it after a month or two get it today while it last...
  6. S

    how to install BiNPAD application in nokia N82 new firmware 30.0.19

    Please help with my problem bollow. i can not install BiNPDA game or application in my nokia N82 new firmware 30.0.19. or how to hack my nokia n82 with firmware 30.0.19 to abale to install BiNPDA game or application?
  7. M

    Nokia N78 Query?

    I want to purchase a Nokia N78, which costs around 14,500/- but the phone is unavailable in the market. I have tried searching the phone everywhere from Big Bazaar to Nokia Priority Dealers. Everyone says that it had some microphone issues so it has been 'called back'. Is it true? One shopkeeper...
  8. uppalpankaj

    Got the N82 and I m loving it

    Hi Guys, I finally bought the Nokia N82 on 9th Feb...Just couldn't post earlier due 2 being a little busy..All of u were right...I had been reading a lot abt the N82 on the forum...Yes, this is an awesome phone.. Got if for 18900 with bill & warranty from Nokia Priority..I m not having...
  9. Zangetsu

    Mroblem in my N82...need help

    Hi, :cool: I've got a strange problem with my N82 now...:confused: when i put the fone on silent profile & the screen brightness bcomes maximum...when an incoming call is there...after dat the screen bcomes normal....i dont know y is it happening...i noticed this happens when the profile is...
  10. H

    FS : 5 months old N82 Black

    hey guys i'm selling my 5 months old N82 Black for 14.5k shipped fone comes with original bill,box & all original accessories. fone is in mint condition. want a fast sale.so guys gimme ur quotes. Thnx, hellgate
  11. damngoodman999

    Discuss about the newly Bought N82 with user reviews

    REVIEW AND PICTURES OF NEW N82 BLACK : i just bought my N82 black which i really love this phone very much & the SQ is not bad only the bundled headphone is really damn sh!t , i am using CREATIVE earphone i got it for 225/- , its really awesome now only bass is lacking all other things are...
  12. R

    Best & Worst N-Serie Camera Phones

    Acc 2 me the N82 is the best
  13. J

    Best Earphone For N82

    Hi Guys, Plz suggest me the best pair of earphones i can get for N82 in India? I am losing my patience now.This W902 or C905 might take months to come in the indian market. So I am thinking to buy a N82. I am eagerly waiting for everybody's valuable suggestion. Thanks in advance
  14. mahesh

    C902 or N82

    my friends need a mobile which should have high picture quality and good music quality. which phone i should suggest him? C902 or N82. his budget is max 20k.
  15. phanisrinivas

    Nokia N82 , please tell me??

    I want to know review about N82, and the price at india ..!!!!!
  16. phanisrinivas

    Nokia N82 , please tell me??

    I want to buy NOKIA N82. Please tell me the Price, Review, compare to N78, SE W902, SE K 850 Cybershot.
  17. aminsagar123

    indian n82 with 3 prepaid in australia

    hi guys, i have a question... m going to australia and gt nokia n82, will the n82 bought frm india work with 3 prepaid in australia. please guide me asap. thanks.
  18. Kalyan

    Need help to decide on N82

    Hi all.. I have visited mobilestore yesterday and they quoted the price of Rs. 19199/- for the N82 black. They have this scratch card offer of travel package/ipod/samsung digital cam/Rs.10,000/- cashback. One of these 4 would be on the scratch card and one for sure. I am pretty confident...
  19. Zangetsu

    New Owner of N82...

    Finally, I got the long awaited fone yesterday (very happy :razz:) I became used 2 its keypad in less than 5mins...(no issues @ all) :D I bought this fone from Thane @19k only with bill (dats a good deal :rolleyes:) Every single word said about this fone is absolutley correct(which i heard...
  20. G

    Got my N82 Black today!

    Yippee ... I finally got my N82 Black today ... Only one word for it ... A W E S O M E !!! Thanks to you guys for your advice !
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