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I am the master of my Fate.
Finally, I got the long awaited fone yesterday (very happy :razz:)

I became used 2 its keypad in less than 5mins...(no issues @ all) :D

I bought this fone from Thane @19k only with bill (dats a good deal :rolleyes:)

Every single word said about this fone is absolutley correct(which i heard thru web or on papers & from u all) I must say dat this fone is a m a z i n g :)

A True allrounder indeed...:cool:

Well being a Symbian device it has lots of features (which will take time 2 understand i guess), i have lots of questions for all those N82 users out there in this forum...

Hope i'll get a warm response...:D

PS: To all N82 owners do post it here so dat i can know who all r the happy users here of N82


Hey KaranTh85 Congrats man :) at last you have done what you were intended to do since for a lot time. Rs 19000/- is good deal I would say. I got it for Rs 19500, 5 months back and still enjoying the all round experience of using this wonder box.


I am the master of my Fate.
Thank u 2 both of u...:D

What i noticed is dat the autorotate feature only works when u rotate the phone
90 degress & dat also along anti-clockwise wont work 4 other
directions...but dats OK...:cool:

I have a question : is using the nokia maps requires gprs connection (from the service provider) or it is free...bcoz i cud only b able 2 use the mumbai,delhi & bangalore map..i think 4 other countries maps r not there currently on my nokia n82
so,for other countries map will i be charged if i directly download the maps in my n82...

currently i m using dolphin simcard & wants 2 move 2 airtel coz of low internet charges...but the dealer told me dat vodafone's net services r also it true :rolleyes:

I think i shud change the thread queries r stil pending..c'mon guys
need some help....N82's Guru's where r u all...:sad:
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@ Karan first of congratulations :p

Second, Gps is totally free except for turn by turn navigation.
Nokia maps downloads maps either in phone through gprs/wifi or through pc via Nokia Map loader.
Just download it via pc and it will store maps for offline usage, so no need for gprs etc.


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download nokia map loader and install all extra maps on ur n82 .

ur quiries are welcome..:) and 8gb sandisk micro sd card with card reader comes for 1.4 -1.5 k .. for ur information ..


karan said:
currently i m using dolphin simcard & wants 2 move 2 airtel coz of low internet charges...but the dealer told me dat vodafone's net services r also it true
The Gprs works nicely. Its good when u need to show off the gps.

Friend (hopelessly) : Did your get a new fone?
You : Yea, N82!
Friend : Woah, let me take a look!
You : Here
Friend : It has GPS right?
You (acting ignorant) : I dunno. Your the champ.
Friend : Lemme check. It has GPRS right?
You : Yo man!
Friend : WOW, GPS works cool.
You : Yeah tell me about it. <with a silly grin n a boastful sense of achievement>. *

Neways, I like the radio stations, specially the swedish classicals. "Robert Schumann - Kinderszenen" streamed fabulously......had me mesmerized!! Also, 'Fring' is a great application with VOIP features!! :)


I am the master of my Fate.
Many many congrats 2 u...Enjoy ur little wonder having mighty features...Thatz N82...:)

Thanx 2 all of u..

@uppal: when r u going 2 buy the phone will it be N82 or something else :rolleyes:

Q. what is SymbianOS9 devices WITHOUT FP1 & with FP1 ??? :confused:
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I am the master of my Fate.
^^thanks powerup....for the info...:D

1 more thing do i need 2 install the ngage 2.0 launcher from the official site...bcoz
i want 2 install other ngage games also...:p

currently as u know fone has two demo ngage games only :sad:


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KPowerMania said:
sh1t....... I was considering this phone to gift my dad but its costing 19k........ out of budget
What about 5320 XM. Terrific specs for the pricing.... VFM. Or you may buy N78. Powerful enough for dads. ;)



I just got my phone back. I remember you were following my thread Dead Nokia N82 (1day old). :)

My phone has automatically been upgraded with v30.0.019 firmware when the service center returned my handset. I really do not know what advantages are there in this new firmware. But when I find them I will definitely post it in your thread.

I opened the maps application after loading India using the Nokia Maps Loader. I switched off GPRS though I have Airtel MobileOffice activated because I wanted to use the GPS module. I have read blogs on the net saying Nokia N82 is the slowest to lock GPS location taking almost 2 minutes. But it took hardly 10 seconds to lock the position with the phone pointed 45 degrees to the sky from under the car's windshield. Immediately saved the position as favorite as soon as I stepped into the car at home. Now I am going to save my office location into favorites as well. Will try out the turn by turn navigation on my way home today.

On your box (the box in which the phone comes sealed) did it say 3 months free navigation? Mine said so and I am still figuring out how to activate it. Any other Nokia N82 gurus out there to help us?


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gps locks on n82 are very fast .. who says its slow .. slow would be n95 8gb .. n78 has faster gps than both ..
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