1. flyingcow

    Counter strike source mouse problem

    Lately i have encountered a problem with mouse movements in counter strike source The mouse worked fine earlier but after a gap of 4-5 months its giving problems the mouse works fine in windows and menu of the game, but while playing the mouse moves very slowly on the y axis, but works fine on...
  2. T

    Mouse goes dumb after few minutes

    My hp-dv6 6115tx is giving a peculiar problem. My mouse , any mouse goes non-responsive few minutes. The LED of mouse is on but, it losses responsiveness. Tried every usb port on my laptop and tried different mouses. Also double checked each mice on other laptop. Every other USB peripheral woks...
  3. S

    Razer Goliathus Mouse Pad Speed or Control?

    Hi guys i want to buy Mouse + Pad combo. I have decided Razor Death Adder Black Edition for Mouse and Razer Goliathus Standard for Pad but pretty :-(:-( confused whether to go for Speed edition or Control Edition. Can anybody help me deciding?
  4. A

    Mouse under Rs 1500

    I am looking for a mouse for my PC under Rs 1500/- Any suggestions?? Thank you.
  5. CentaurDream

    Final Half of the 100K Rig

    I need these components to finish my rig - Graphics Card Strongly considering the HD 7950. Second option is the GTX 670. Monitor A 23"-24" 1080p monitor. 120HZ would be nice. Budget is around 15K. Gaming Mouse Budget is around 3K. Also need a Mouse Pad. And my grip is claw...
  6. T

    Need Keyboard & Mouse.

    Purpose - Strictly RTS Game like Age of Empires Series, StarCraft II etc. Budget: 1500 MAX - Better if you stay as below as possible. I play 2-3 Hrs straight so keep this in mind. My old trusted ACER Keyboard is dieing now after 11 years of service. Mouse died to my Gaming torture uses...
  7. A

    Wireless Keyboard and mouse compatibility question

    I recently bought a Dell WM112 wireless mouse (for sony vaio notebook with windows 8). Now I am feeling the need to buy a wireless keyboard as I feel comfortable using external monitor (plasma) thru hdmi. (In the hindsight, I feel it would have been better if I had bought a keyboard/mouse...
  8. tkin

    New Gaming Mouse @ 3k and feedback on Logitech Service(for 1.5y old G500)

    My G500 just died yesterday. left click acting weird, missing clicks, double clicks when clicking once, so going to Rashi tomorrow for replacement(god save me), its less than two years old, in the event Rashi screws me over and either delays replacement or does not replace at all then I'll be...
  9. R

    Need keyboard and mouse for 3.3k

    Suggest me a decent keyboard and mouse combo within 3.3k.
  10. A

    Good Cordeless Mouse + Keyboard and Advice.

    Recently my desk has been looking quite cluttered and keeping it tidy in itself is taking a lot of my time. So was thinking about switching to cordless keyboards and mouse. Before you chip in with your advices, I want to mention that I am really falling behind in terms of my knowledge in new...
  11. GhorMaanas

    Rapoo Wireless Optical Mouse

    1. Product on sale: Rapoo wireless optical mouse 1620 2. Price: 400/- shipped. 3. Reason for sale: A gift not needed. 4. Product condition: 9.9999/10 5. Invoice: Available. 6. Warranty: Almost an year (till nov. 2013) 7. Location of product/seller: Thane/Mumbai 8.Shipping Charge: Included...
  12. $ingh

    Cooler Master Launches CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse

    Cooler Master, the industry’s leading provider of gaming peripherals, power supplies, high-end chassis, thermal solutions and mobile accessories today announces the launch of its new gaming mouse, CM Storm Recon. Like other CM Storm mice, the Recon is designed for gamers who demand precision...
  13. B

    keyboard mouse combo

    any sugetions on keyboard with backlit? i dont want any fancy keyboard with progamable keys. just want to work on dark or low light. any kb+mouse combo will be nice. but if anything is not there would like to hear recommendation of mouse too. same with mouse. no fancy gaming mouse just...
  14. A

    Is Dell WM 112 wireless mouse compatabile for windows 8

    Please advice if Dell WM 112 wireless mouse is compatible with windows 8 notebook. And if somebody can give an idea what's it size (dimensions). I want to be sure if I can use it comfortably. Dell WM112 Wireless Mouse | Mouse | No information is given on any of the online...
  15. J

    Suggest a good usb mouse under Rs 250

    hi, My current Mouse is about to die.Please suggest a good simple USB mouse under 250.I was preferring logitech but they seems to be way to costly.I need a simple reliable budget mouse under 250.
  16. Skud

    When A Mouse Requires An Internet Connection for Full Functionality

    Now this is news, any Synapse 2.0 enabled device from Razer needs an active internet connection to install the software and make use of all the extra buttons and features thrown in. If not, the device will work like normal plug-and-play device. So your 5k+ worth of device will function not...
  17. veera_champ

    suggestion to buy keyboard and mouse

    Hi guys, please suggest a mouse and a keyboard under Rs.3000(including both of them) only for PHOTOSHOP use and both should be in PS2
  18. S

    which Keyboard and Mouse to buy ?

    My mouse is sometimes making double clicks instead of single click now.. Time to replace it.. When I am home,I spend most of time with my Desktop PC. I will spend 1/2 hours for gaming , and most time I will be on net . I am a web designer. So , what do you think , what kind of a...
  19. Professor X

    Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

    Wireless Keyboard & Mouse I am looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse combo for 1000 INR. I would prefer white colour. Thanks in advance. :wink: :bump: Please suggest something. How are the white chinese keyboard and mouse combos? Do they last a year or not?
  20. ajayashish

    Keyboard and Gaming Mouse

    Hi, I am planning to buy a nice gaming mouse and a keyboard. Please suggest. I am thinking of G400 as the mouse and confused about the keyboard. Some of the keyboard I am thinking of are Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105 Keyboard | Keyboard | Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard |...
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