Need Keyboard & Mouse.


Wise Old Owl
Purpose - Strictly RTS Game like Age of Empires Series, StarCraft II etc.

Budget: 1500 MAX - Better if you stay as below as possible.

I play 2-3 Hrs straight so keep this in mind.

My old trusted ACER Keyboard is dieing now after 11 years of service. Mouse died to my Gaming torture uses tonight :cry:

So I will be buying tomorrow or day after tomorrow max.


if you are gonna play Starcraft 2, get a generic keyboard and Logitech G300 for Rs 1299 from Primeabgb..
In Strategy games, Low end gaming keyboards offer little to no value since, you dont get those macro buttons.. so go for a generic keyboard ..
Logitech G300 is very good for starcraft 2, it has 6 extra buttons that you can customize on your own (for selecting different groups of units etc)
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