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  • Thanks duriel ... i had gone tomorrow to the corporation circle for repairing my UPS... there i came to know that SP road is cloased due to Rajoutsava. Will find time & go later. Thanks 4 replying.
    I am not sure if you can get it to atleast 48k, then good. I was about to buy s01 from flipkart for 1k extra, though it wasn't worth travelling s01 all the way to sp road and carry it back home. But then s02 was in stock so I changed the order and bought it. BTW I did ask s02 since 1 month, that dealer never had it in stock, whenever i called he always said it will come na dhe will call me etc but never called back.So keep this in mind, since you are planning to buy in 7 days, don't trust him if he says he will get it within 7 days. So, if he already has in stock and comes down a little on price then good, or else just order it on flipkart.
    good luck.
    For warranty, it doesn't matter where you buy. Because samsung is offering 1 year pick and drop warranty + 1 additional year as offer till nov 15th I guess (if you register for it within that). You just need a invoice as proof to register for extended warrranty. I inquired about s02 first at sp road a month ago. At that time 550p series was not available with anyone except AR. At that time I was just inquiring and was not in a mood to buy it. Went to AR, he told s02 is coming but s01 is available, showed me a piece ready in the showcase, he told 51 k initially, i knew all the details of it and inquired info like warranty issue etc, he thought I was gonna buy it. But I wanted s02 and as I was about to leave he told he can give s01 for 49.6k.
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