1. Xai

    Logitech Announces New Mechanical Keyboard and MMO Mouse

    I might be late with this news, but sort of excited that Logitech is finally going to release a mechanical keyboard. Logitech is releasing the mechanical keyboard G710+. Reported features include Cherry MX Brown switches, and backlight. The G600 mouse is targeted at a MMO gamer, with 12...
  2. TheMost

    Cheap and best Gaming mouse

    I was playing battlefield 3 and got fed up with my ordinary mouse which doesn't click properly.. :cry: Decided to get a gaming mouse ... I am really am not sure whether i should invest some 2k in a mouse ... I would like to get a good lasting and comfortable mouse with the best rate...
  3. D

    Micromax Funbook USB hub problem

    I bought a mmx p300 funbook last month. As it comes with a mini USB2.0 port and a standard usb connection wire, i tried to connect a flash drive ( moserbaer 8GB) and it showed up. Later I read somewhere that it is possible to connect a USB keybaord or mouse to the funbook. I went a step...
  4. nikhilsharma007nikx


    i want a gaming config i dont clearly remember the quesion but i remember some of them the ans are_____ -i will overcloac both cpu and gpu -will buy locally prefered nehru place as ill get cheap there -i can increase budget -for ~5k not more than dat -will use my old tvs keyboard mouse...
  5. gohan89

    Please suggest new mouse!!!

    I want to buy a new mouse under Rs 450.I play FPS and RPG games which involves lots of button mashing and that too once a day.I dont want a gaming mouse!! The mouse should be hardy enough to survive it,its response should also be good for games.It should be comfortable for moderately large...
  6. T

    keyboard and mouse don't work properly..

    hi guys my keyboard's spacebar button suddenly stopped working and a lot of time the mouse pad also stops working...what do i do? help please!! im using acer aspire 5740. now the 'z' key stopped working too..:-(
  7. G

    gaming mouse

    8-) hii frdnzzz.. i m new to u plz suggest me a gaming mouse under 1000..??? and it should also have a better life...!!!
  8. V

    Help me Buy gaming mouse

    Hi, i want to buy gaming mouse under 1000rs,i will use it on wooden desk.i play BF3,COD MW2,i have listed two mouse Gigabyte gm-m6800 GIGABYTE - PC Peripherals - Mouse - Gaming - GM-M6800 lenovo m6811 Lenovo M6811 USB 2.0 Mouse | Mouse | and there is other mouse e blue...
  9. Tobuscus

    Best Gaming Mouse/Keyboard/Mousepad Combo Under 3k?

    Hey,guys I've been playing online fps games a lot lately and i'm totally loving it!:-D My Keyboard & Mouse are the Zebronics Judwaa 5 Combo.(I went cheap on them:oops:)...and they really suck....even at normal usage. So i'm planning to upgrade them. I've already almost decided on my...
  10. A

    Can't install Linux

    I tried installing ubuntu 11.10, linux mint 12 but installation gets stuck at same point. I am using logitech wireless keyboard and mouse could that be the problem? plz help
  11. B

    Best Mouse pad with wrist support

    Hi, Please suggest the best mouse pad with wrist support available in the market. Suffering from wrist pain due to prolonged mouse usage on hard table surface. Regards
  12. M

    Wireless keyboard and mouse combo with in Rs.1500/-

    Hello!, I want to buy a wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo. My budget is around Rs.1200/-. I want to use it mainly for gaming and Typing. I want to have low profile keys for better typing. Also i want the mouse to be small and comfortable in hand for gaming. i have short listed some...
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