1. Le0nidus...ftw

    Ubislate 7+ Capacitive/Resistive Touch

    Hey Guys any knows the new ubislate 7+ has a capacitive or a resistive touch screen. I have ordered mine cant wait to know:-D:-D
  2. Lord073

    Multiplayer on a single PC?

    Are there any games that 2 (or more) people can play on one computer with a couple of controllers? Actually my cousin has got a controller and I also ordered myself one today as well, so that's why I'm wondering if there are any games that we could play together on either his or my PC. My...
  3. Zangetsu

    Post Google Easter Eggs here!!!

    Hello,:wave: Post the Google Easter eggs u know here... here is mine.. Google Njoy!
  4. Neo

    Post your Google+, Twitter and facebook usernames

    I'm creating this thread so that we can get together on our favourite social networks. here are mine.... Google+ facebook twitter Share yours..................and add me..............:)
  5. montsa007

    Laptop from UK for Gaming?

    Friend of mine is coming from UK in December. What lappy can i look for under 500 GBP (Used Ok) for gaming?
  6. K

    Phenom II x4 955 - sounding like race engine :-(

    Had this recent build of the Phenom II x4 955be + asus mobo after much thought process. But this CPU would not let me listen to songs/watch movies/even be in peace !! Even at stock speed with no OC, its as if F1 circuit races are being conducted inside my cabinet ! Sample noise video : (Not...
  7. Tejas.Gupta

    Get a Google+ Username

    Get a username/nickname or i should say a kind of url shortener only meant for Google+ Google Plus Nick Nice isn't it :grin: Check out mine *gplus.to/tejasgupta get one for yourself too,it makes sharing your profile easy
  8. S

    which one to pick SAMSUNG GALAXY 551 or GALAXY FIT??

    If i have to choose between samsung galaxy 551 and galaxy FIT, which one should i go for??? A friend of mine wants to buy and stucked between these two.
  9. GeekyBoy

    Post your VITEEE Ranks

    Post your VITEEE Ranks. Mine is 3776.
  10. Razor 1911

    Worst game that you have played ?

    Post the worst game that you have ever played.The game that you hated the Most ? Mine: DeadRising
  11. Vyom

    Coolest / Smartest Advertisements of All times

    I thought enough have we shared the Worst adverts. Now its high time that we share the Most Awesome adverts too for a change. Since it would be a one stop location for all the laughs too had, and a nice way to humor ourselves after a day of stress! So, here I go with mine first one... Enjoy...
  12. Faun

    Flickr thread

    Share your flickr profile :razz: Here is mine: psygeist *www.flickr.com/photos/psygeist/
  13. Y

    Good Ol' Days

    Name a few games that you still play that were released many years ago and are still played by you. Mine are Half Life(WMOD version), Resident Evil 2 and GTA 2(Lovely one :D)
  14. ithehappy

    Do you believe in GOD?

    A simple Yes or No would do. I have voted mine.
  15. sukesh1090

    overclocking atom n450

    i want to overclock my acer aspire d260 which has atom n450 processor.lot of people have overclocked thier asus eee pc which has the same processor.so i know i can overclock mine but the problem is i don't know pll number and supported software.please help me.......................THANK YOU.
  16. stonecaper

    Razr Mouse free

    Get a Free Razr Naaga Mouse From Original razr website. No Scam. I got Mine :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Try Now.Best Of Luck
  17. mosestheman

    256 to 512 for FREE!!!!!!!! BSNL

    hey anybody having this ROCKING problem...my bsnl BB started giving me 512 kbps ......instead o5 256 ......mine is 750UL plane suddenly my pc started givin 512.....:smile::smile::smile:
  18. Ronnie11


    Hey guys i need you to suggest a gull comp confi for 23000..with intel processors(y?no idea,its for a friend of mine)...Could u guys suggest a good confi for 23000..its urgent, thanks...
  19. surinder

    What is your homepage?

    Hello all, mention your current homepage here mine is Digit forum/Hardware Troubleshooting *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=20
  20. jxcess3891

    Your favourite youtube videos

    Let's share our favourite youtube videos here. Just post the link and a little summary of the video. Here's mine. It's about a baby feeding a pup. *www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vDRDiqJ920&feature=related
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