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    How is your PC? Mine inside

    Well guys how your PCs look like? I mean hardware part. Post your config and pics if possible. Here is mine. Config. P4 2.6C @ 3.25Ghz, watercooled ASUS P4P800 deluxe motherboard 1GB PC 3200 Hynix ( argh...) Mighty Geforce 6800GT 256 MB graphic card 17" LG FLATRON ( really want to...
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    Cloaking/Masking a url

    Hey friends.......... I have a my own site...... I want to place a cloaking script(if nebody cud gimme one) which shows in the address bar some other site. Need not be mine. I mean i cud give an effect to the surfer that it's a microsoft site. Nebody can help?
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    the dvds still don't work.

    hi guys, thanks for your replies. like i posted before the dvds still don't work i have checked the dvd in 3 dvd drives now. two of mine and one on my friends machine. it still doesn't work. i have 3 different copies. two mine and one my friends. what the heck is going on. why is that they...
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