1. Faun

    I heard you got a PM !

    Tell me DFers what is the maximum PM storage you get on other forums :grin: Here is mine : Lets see if someone can beat this !
  2. A

    sony dvd writer problem

    my sony dvd r/w is giving me problem...its reading dvd/cd but didnt writing...have tried alcohol/nero/ashampoo....when i insert blank cd/dvd...my computer started hanging...why its happening n what to do mine system is win xp sp3 c2d 2.66 4gb ram 250 gb hard disk
  3. S

    Which is your favourite genre ?

    The title says it all. Mine are FPS and RPG.
  4. INS-ANI


    :mad: Any one seen karzzzzzzzzzz Would like to hear and share some expert comments. mine comment: why,why me:(:(:(:(:(
  5. naveen_reloaded

    ~~ Post Your favourite Picture Here !! ~~

    Post the ones which you came across while browsing here.... here is mine ... :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D <<< If needed post the source >>>>
  6. Worried From Bugs

    Unable to Delete a Porn File on Desktop

    I am Very Sad, a porn File on Mine Desktop . I am Unable to Delete this File!! As Mine Computer Is Family PC Mine Brother & Sister Use to Open, So I am Really Worried what happen when they see this File name? :mad: Here Is Screenshot: Please Guys Help Me its urgent I also Used Delete Doctor...
  7. N

    how to make pc to local host ??

    :confused: i am very confused, is that true , we can convert our pc to local host?? means , suppose i uses internet for 4 hours in that time any person to whim i give mine local host ip can access mine local host ?? and in that host can i install wordpress, mamboo, phpbb scripts ? can any one...
  8. U

    Best Grafix Card For this System

    Hi Mine System Config is Which Grafix card will go best with it mine budget is 5.5k
  9. Pearl Groupz

    Need Some Info On VPN..Please

    I just Downloaded a VPN "Hamachi" free version, I want to know what VPN really do ?? through VPN i will be safe from hackerz ?? How can i know Mine VPN is working fine ?? I seen mine ip remains same as before not using VPN.. here is Screenshot of the VPn..See through using Is Mine Net will...
  10. Pearl Groupz

    New Website launched : All About varanasi City....

    New Website launched : All About Varanasi City.... Link: New Domain name Already Registered Will Work after 1- 2 Day : Hoping All Foreniers Will love mine Information & Mine Gallery too gallery will be Coming Soon!
  11. Pearl Groupz

    Mine Pc infected?? Hell or Fake ??

    While Browsing Mine blog, a popup arricved a page Screenshot: What is the helll this pic shows..Mine pc infected..its read or Fake?? i use Avira Free version 2008 Zone alarm 5.5 pro Firewall Ad aware se 1.6 pro i scanned mine pc with all this products..nothing bad forun..why this site shows...
  12. H

    Show your Start Menu

    Very simple, just post a screen shot of your windows/linux start menu, so that we can see what we use :D:wink:. this is mine,
  13. Pearl Groupz

    Finally Sony Ericsson Themes Launched By Me

    Finally Sony Ericsson Themes Launched By Me, Hoping It Will Rules... WEBSITE: www.ihabo.info themes Copyright @ www.rajeshpatel.net Introducing the Varanasi's First Mobile theme Web Blog Samples Themes: These are Samples Only...Visit the Website for More Hight Quality...
  14. Pearl Groupz

    I Want Only link In Mine blog's home page not mine Whole Contents for the post

    I Want Only link In Mine blog's home page not mine Whole Contents for the post I Want mine blog Show links Like askvg.com blog have..i.e Mine Blog Home page Shows Mine Whole post Contents...i.e Please help me Frieds as Soon as possible...;I want to put only Links on Mine blog home page...
  15. Pearl Groupz

    See mine Website & Rate It..Please

    See mine Website & Rate It..Please www.rajeshpatel.net & rate Mine pic:) i am Currently working in mine website to make it blog type...:) www.rajeshpatel.net & rate Mine pic
  16. Pearl Groupz

    Something Wrong In Mine Forex 3.1

    I Use Firefox 3.1, While Visiting any Good Website I Use to Bookmark The Site...Once I Close & Open mine Firefox the Bookmarked Page not appering In Bookmark Tab...:( .. one more problem : in Mine Bookmarks Toolbar..many Sites there..once I Remove it...After restarting the Firefox it...
  17. Psychosocial

    Last.fm users post ur profile links here :)

    Post ur links to ur last.fm profiles :) mine - *www.last.fm/user/paranj
  18. Ecko

    Modding Ntoskrnl.exe

    We'll I desperately need some tutorial for it I've tried replacing it several times using all the methods I can & even when The file is replaced with mine the screen doesn't show up the bootscreen intended to be there Please if someone can help...!!
  19. Pearl Groupz

    Bad Firefox - 3.0 - 3.1

    Very Sad, I have 512 +128 Mb of Ram DDr2 I have seen in Mine PC , while Surfing on net through Firefox - The pC ugage reach to 400 +mb ram..while opera takes only 200 mb ram...I am going to Uninstall firefox now...May be I will download version 2.1 of firefox.. I am also downloading Apple...
  20. M

    Fs: Wd 400gb Hdd!

    I want to sell my 400 GB HDD. The reason, specs and price can be had from these posts of mine: *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=90068
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