1. A

    mine modem ip address is but mine isp ip address is 182.57.xx.xx

    mine modem ip address is but mine isp ip address is 182.57.xx.xx how to get modem ip address identity on network i mean when some one sees mine ip address it should come not 182.57.xx.xx is there any software which can change ip address to 10.20.30.xx i want to change...
  2. Faun

    Post your rig !

    Here is mine. No case. Runs cooler. Oced i5 2500k to 4.5GHz. 74 C temp max on prime95 small FFTs.
  3. TheMost

    GPU coin mining Dead ?

    Hello everyone.I have never been into mining krypto coins.Recently I have developed an interest in mining coins.However i see that people dont mine in GPU's any more.If i am not wrong ASIC have invaded mining coins. At present situation is it profitable to mine coins in GPU ? like x11 algo ...
  4. Flash

    This War of Mine -

    This War Of Mine by 11 Bit studios provides an experience of war seen from an entirely new angle. For the very first time you do not play as an elite soldier, rather a group of civilians trying to survive in a besieged city. During the day snipers outside stop you from leaving your refuge, so...
  5. K

    Klout Help!!

    How do I get Google+ share on overall klout score?? Mine is 0% currently. Anything?? Somebody reply me :D.
  6. vinyasmusic

    Lenovo Customer Care not replacing burnt adapter

    Guys facing a grave issue here My laptop adapter got burnt (electrical) recently. So I filed a complaint in customer care for replacement, after a few days they reverted back saying the serial number for the laptop and charger are a mismatch (WTF?) I checked with all my friends who had a...
  7. kaz

    What username have you reserved for EMOJLI?

    I got three..The user name should be EMOJIs only.... Here's mine :D emojli emojli emojli
  8. V

    Should I Mine Bitcoins

    hi i am having a r9 280x gpu so i thought lets mining and make some money :-D so is bitcoin mining legal in India ? If its legal I would like to know the how to minnig and can i mine part time :lol: MY RIG :http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/show-off/182198-phantom.html
  9. seamon

    Which is the best graphic card your local dealer sells?

    Mine is GT 610. :(
  10. ithehappy

    GTX 580 to GTX 760, will that be a worthy upgrade?

    As the title asks. I have a MSI GTX 580 Lightning or something (1.5 GB), it's performing okay, but in some games frames did drop below 40, like BF4, Crysis 3 etc. The card is running on stock clock, haven't over-clocked yet. If I buy a GTX 760, would that be a nice and worthy upgrade from mine...
  11. Nanducob

    Your top 5 pc games

    Hi, Post your favourite 5 pc games here.This will help in finding good games that are unknown to others. Mine: 1)Sleeping Dogs 2)Deltaforce landwarrior 3)Halflife-2 4)Project IGI 5)Tombraider 2013
  12. TheHumanBot

    [Upgrade] AMD Rig For 3DMax

    hi here are screenshots of CPU-Z i want to upgrade this config, that would be wise or i should just buy a new one? and this is not mine, it's for a friend of mine. budget max. is Rs. 8000 main req. is GFX card and more RAM. with this config 3d max renders takes around 2.5 hours so just want to...
  13. S

    Cool Pen Drives

    Hey Everyone This is the first time I am seeking for help for this kind of product purchase, yet i thought it might be helpful as well... :P I am looking for a cool or as u can state it a cute pen-drive to gift it to a friend ( female ) of mine. I did go through many websites but nothing...
  14. aaruni

    Favourite map in CS 1.6

    Post your favourite map in cs 1.6 / CZ Mine is CS_OFFICE
  15. Faun

    Audiogram test

    Check you left and right ear response to frequencies at lowest decibels. I just did a quick test. It's pretty noisy here with construction work going on. I will update the pic if I do it again. Here's mine: More info on how to read it: How to Understand Your Hearing Test - Hearing Aid...
  16. S

    x box

    can we connect an external harddisk to x-box 360 , mine is a 4gb slim model.. if so please tell me.. thank you..
  17. S

    x box

    hi guys , can we connect 500gb hdd to xbox as a data usage ?? if so how can we do it ?? mine is a 4gb xbox 360
  18. N

    Post your Lockscreens :)

    Hi Guys, Share your creative Lockscreens in this thread...Mine is simple..all CM stock :)
  19. evilmage93

    Hacking WIFI

    I have cracked WIFI connections (mine, ofcourse :P) using BT and an external router but recently i tried it using acer aspire one lappy with inbuilt wifi router and was unsuccessful. It doesnt show mine wifi device. So i think i already know the ans but still, does BT works only with external...
  20. dr_jimit

    [Query] Any way to repair Linksys / Cisco Router in India....?

    Hello Friends, I have a Linksys WAG160N, [ADSL2+ N Router]which has stopped working. All LEDs including Power LED is blinking, No Connection, No Ping. Official Support says No service center, Only RMA/Replacement through website. Mine cant get replaced cos it is out of warranty. Mine can also...
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