1. gsoul2soul

    MAD Tv - Best pieces !!

    Well I know we had have "Video threads"... but this one is dedicated to the talented crew and cast of "MAD Tv" :D They are sooooo BAD and of course as the name suggests MAD :-p Here's one that i couldn't stop laughing... ha ha ha ha It features one of my favorites "Stephanie Weir" And she is...
  2. nileshgr

    c my age

    see my age in my profile here. when i regd. here; i believed tht i shud nt leak my age on the www. but now i don't hv tht belief. i wanna change it but the admin doesn't do it! :mad:
  3. M

    Funny UST Scandal Virus

    :mad: Friends, Can any one tell how to remove this virus....................It doesnot goes even after Reinstalling Windows..........:mad:
  4. warfreak

    Can anyone confirm ?

    What is the official pricing of Gears Of War (PC) in India right now ? I checked about a month ago and it was more than Rs. 1600/-(M$ $UCK$ :mad: ) I really want this game.:(
  5. P

    bY Pass proxy

    :confused: hey guys ,pls help me out in finding the bypass proxy for yahoo mail & orkut as i am not able to access these in my office. :mad: SO PLS HELPP.
  6. enticer86

    Pls help- :-(

    :mad: :mad: :mad: Hello friends, As u can all observe I am being quite regular at thinkdigit these days. I understand that ppl are very helpful here and would help me in just abt anything. Ppl, pls help me in selecting an undie. Please advise me abt the brand, quality, size, price and...
  7. talkingcomet

    Please Help Me!! Google woes!!

    I cant open or any google operated sites like orkut and even gmail.. Any idea what might be the problem!! I am using BSNL DataOne.. Some one should help me!! My online life revolves around Google!! :mad:
  8. smile

    Plzz Help its urgent

    I have a Dell Laptop and the problem is whenever i switch it on its asking me a password:confused:....I think its a bios password..i never gave any bios password....I doubt on my friend may be he has given....can anyone tell how to break the password because am not able to boot in...
  9. T

    Dataone Call Center Number?

    3 @^$*%&*$6^&#(*^%#%*%&(# days and that Net is givingg me "678" error. Remote Computer not responding. And their office times get over before mine so I cant catch them in office [Lukcy them, I am so pissed I would smack someone there with a golfclub :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: ] Can...
  10. gaurav_indian

    Why my system/window is hanging?

    I am using windows xp.And its hangs for the first time i run it everyday.Then i have to restart and then it works fine.Why is it so?But today it has hanged three times already :mad: Jaldi batao bhai logon.:sad: Windows baar baar dalne pe bhi yeh problem ho rahi hai.:mad:
  11. B

    SMPS Query

    Hi friends, I have quite an antique piece as my PC. Its P4 2.66, Intel 845GVSR, 768MB of ram, 17" Crt all supported by a 325W Microtek SMPS. It was running fine for the last 4 and half years but yesterday the fan of my power supply broke off from a side. Now it makes very loud irritating...
  12. satyamy

    Problem in Transfering Money from Paypal to Visa Credit Card ?

    I have transfered some amount from my paypal a/c to my SBI visa credit card Now paypal says they have send the money and SBI says they have not received it when i view online my unbilled a/c statement of SBI it was shwing 11/08/2007 174USD in Description but showing 0.00 M in Amount Section...
  13. abhi_10_20

    Monitor is acting weird...plz help..

    My Hp mx705 monitor has gone out of control......:mad: without even pressing the button controls on the monitor, its window pops up by its own, randomly selects any option like brightness, contrast, etc and increases it upto max...:mad: really getting crazy..plz help..:sad:
  14. shyamno

    Google Penalizes Bloggers !!

    Does anyone ..know what is his ...s**t... Google will penalize bloggers who are registered with PayPerPost....can u believe that.....:mad: :mad: :mad: Check out this link :
  15. Y

    Pc going mad!!!!

    Hi...for the past two three days my pc has gone mad!..I mean literaly it has gone mad.It will be working fine for many hours until suddenly all the graphics will go off crazy...icons will start blinking...all the windows will become white...and so on ...hers my pc's spec.. AMD64 X2 dual...
  16. zatomas

    HD is running out

    Hello all …. I am running windows xp @ home I have about 5 users all are limited users I need to limit the access and usage of hd space “too much chunk is always been downloaded to the d drive”:mad: :mad: :mad: …… Is there any way to deny or limit their access to my d drive…?:confused: Or can I...
  17. V

    Vista Network Diagonising Problem

    HI guys.. I have vista installed on my system which is connected to the internet thru reliance BroadNet connection. Once i log-in to my system, to get the internet activated i usually select the 'Diagonise and repair' option from the "network and sharing center".. by doing so i used to get...
  18. phreak0ut

    Gmail filter is acting up!

    I recently moved from one mail id to another. I just wanted the old mail id for official purpose. I intimated everyone in the list to the new one, and all of them are doing that, except one friend of mine. I've requested him, told him nicely, scolded him not to send any mails to the old id, but...
  19. A

    MTNL has launched Triband Unlimited @ very low price

    MTNL has launched Triband Unlimited from 1st november 2007 ony for 20k :mad: njoy the year of Broadband
  20. T

    Linux is Pain!!!

    For Guys who doesnt have internet at home. Default installs of any distro lacks few programs that are very much needed mainly Multi Media and Updated Drivres. In case of interent connection its so easy.. Just add to source list and run synaptic Yast, apt-get etc.. But if you dont have...
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