1. akshaykapoor_3

    Can ne1 help me outaa dis !!..plz help !

    Here is what happend yesterday !! 1) I had XP SP2 installed and my PC config is as follows : 40 GB hdd 3 partitions (C,D,E, C-11GB, D-13GB, E-13GB )..C: drive had the OS installed 2) When i startd my PC, it made a reboot as soon as the XP loading screen shows up and this continued. 3)...
  2. abhijit_reddevil

    India slip below Bangladesh in ODI rankings Now when will Rahul Dravid resign...???:mad: :mad: :mad:
  3. Gigacore

    Top 10 reasons not to insure your cell phone!!

    Close this post Mr Moderator!!!! People are mad and crazy commenting...... Guilty Should be Punished!!!!!
  4. 24online

    Raining in Ahmedabad

    It is very starange that rain is falling with sparks in sky in Ahmedabad (gujarat) in April - when summer starts... :rolleyes: it will definitely damage the crops especially mangoes :mad:..... see satellite image , i got from one of satellite station...
  5. abhijit_reddevil

    Xbox 360 Elite Officially Announced

    Source: And in the west, things keep on releasing and we are stuck with 25k for the old 360. :mad: This must be costing at least 35k when released in India.:mad::rolleyes:
  6. mahashaktiman

    MARATHI PHOTOSHOP E_BOOK download :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :mad: :mad: :p :p :p :o :cool: :cool: :neutral: :neutral: :D :D
  7. reddick

    Problem Regarding "IL-2 Sturmovik :1946"

    My PC has all req. that needed to run this game.But then also it won't play properly.The problem is that the movies n music plays very slow n it freezes sometime :!: The game also runs slowly n it takes couple of mins. to other scene to display :evil: I don't know why...I re-install d game n...
  8. max_demon

    Google is acting up

    Whenever i go to google and try to search anything the browser takes me to different search engin like - [Edited Batty] Removed potentially dangerous links ......and many more . it is by some adware or spyware or virus. ..HELP i m irrited cos they open pop up window :mad: :mad: :mad:
  9. JhonCena

    Adsense pROBLEM!

    My friend earned 15$ for 350 Page impressions and 35 clicks:o and mine is 450 Page impressions and 50 clicks:) and my earning is 0.71$:mad: :mad: :mad: Can any one tell me what is the reason???:confused:
  10. selvamcbe

    Google operating system going to launch????

    :? Any body know the full details of googles new operating system????.They planned to launch at the end of 2007. :p ;) :mad: :D :o :) :rolleyes: :confused: :( :cool: :eek: :cry: :oops: :|
  11. selvamcbe

    Where I download the Linux manuals???

    Where is download the flash linux manuals online ????? :mad: :mad:
  12. Tech Geek


  13. gursimran_2006

    Award Space!!!

    Dunoo why is not opening in my computer!!!:mad: :mad: :mad:
  14. A

    Cpu Heat

    Hi everybody, i have Intel P-4 3.0 Ghz HT, 1 GB DDR II Ram, and nvidia 6200 PCI-E Graphics card, my cpu temperature starts with 75 degree centigrate of temp and rises upto 95 deg. cent. in round about 30 min as i am a 3d animator i have to use some high profile software i am getting troubled so...
  15. 56561

    burn problem . or the liteOn DVD RW's problem?

    hey I burnt one CD in my friend's Liteon CD writer .burn process was successful . then I came home and inserted the CD to my own Liteon DVD rw . it is showing nothing !!!! :mad: I am mad please help . the files I copied composed of text , pdf , and some softwares . :rolleyes:
  16. vandit

    C++ programming

    cout.setf(ios::fixed,ios::floatfield) The above was a statement which I came accross a program of doing ouput formattings. Actually I am not able to figure out its use.... I refered the E Balaguruswamy book, but no use. There was only the example given and in this example if we dont't...
  17. ShekharPalash

    Remove that MTP Device, How Do I ?

    Evenrsince I installed WMP11, a MTP Device (Media Transfer Protocol Device) showed-up in My Computer... It's as Other in My Computer and I used to use tools like TweakUI / Tune-up SystemOptimizer to get rid of these Other stuff in My Computer... But it's not going away with these kind of...
  18. Official Techie

    Mad Mad Mad

    If any one cnt help me in two days then i will have to surely go mad the problems i m facing on my pc 1 my default homepage changes itself to 2 few stupid favourites have automatically been created 3 on my desktop two web page urls for playing online games creates itself...
  19. Netjunkie

    What does this mean?? Have a look..

    Look at the properties of a folder on my system :mad: What exactly is the difference between 'Size' & 'Size on Disk'?
  20. V


    The second ISO which digit gave in its DVD appears to be only 262 mb but it is actually more than 700 mb when uncompressed! Is Digit gone mad! But how do I write it into a CD?
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