1. Psychosocial

    The Worst ISP ??

    Which is the worst ISP from your perspective ?? For me, its the one I'm using.....BSNL DataONe. This just sux. Just a 15mins of heavy rainfall and every thing fukked up!!! :mad: I keep disconnecting since the rain stopped. I d/c 6 times in 12mins :mad:. Just bcoz of 15mins of heavy rainfall...
  2. prasath_digit

    Is Gaming a Childish Activity? ( In India )

    Have u ever been insulted or scolded for playing games, i've been insulted a few times by some idots, they say like : "Why r u playing still playing games like a child?", "Please turn that off", "What is this stupid thing on the screen gonna do for ur career?".................... All of these...
  3. Zangetsu

    how to close a hanged program???

    I got some games which were freezing with a black screen...& cudn't be able 2 come out 2 desktop either using [windows] + D or Ctrl + Alt + Del :mad: Is there any other way 2 do the same...using some app :D
  4. P

    laptop Dilemma ;budget 30 k

    Well friends i want to get good laptop for my brother .please tell me at what all lappys will I get the for 30k . 1+ -1 here and there will Do . At the present i am getting him : ASUS X50R lappy : for 31k worth a buy,provides 2 years GLOBAL WARRANTY COMPAQ C770TU lapptop got almost same config...
  5. Most Wanted

    Download them all

    Want "download them all" for ff3. Any solution? Previous version is not compatible with ff3. :mad:
  6. smile

    Help Plzz

    Iam not able to get the volume icon and network icon on my system tray .Iam uing Vista.Plzz Can anyone help me. I even check their properties but no use :mad:
  7. raksrules

    AVI Chunk Viewer. Whats this ?

    This screen pops up on my machine every now and then. I have no clue how it came and what is causing it to come. Please assist. :mad:
  8. C

    Open letter on OOXML happenings in India

    An IIT professor vents his angst against Microsoft's mis-behavior in India. Any Indian with the faintest hint of patriotism at his heart would feel a great pain about the insult at the greatest technological Institute of his nation by a...
  9. aminsagar123

    BSNL Blunder

    Today i opened to check my dataone usage. See what opened. Second try I am a dataone customer from jalandhar, punjab. :mad:
  10. N

    DVD drive damage

    Hey Guys, My LG Combo Drive doesn't detect DVD's. Sometimes it does but when I am in the boot mode i.e. when I insert the DVD immiedietly after switching on my PC and before entering my Desktop. Please Help!!! :( :( :( :( :( :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused...
  11. roni roxy

    Can Nokia 5300 Support Motorola S9?

  12. Beta Waves

    Problem With SMPS Or UPS

    Hi ppl... My Computer configuration is like this .... Intel Dual Core Processor (2.8 GHz), 1 GB RAM, nVidia Geforce 7950GT XFX Card, 250 GB PATA Hard Disk, sony DVD Writer, Gigabyte motherboard 945 GDVI, And My cabinet has four fans my graphics card uses passive cooling so no fan there ...
  13. R

    how to disable vista auto sorting files

    disable vista auto sorting files HOW??? When I copy a bunch of photos (or any kind of file) to a folder in Vista, or unzip a folder the unzipped folder gets lost due to vista "auto" sorts the files immediately. :mad:very irritating :mad: I am getting mad over this. In XP, it used to just...
  14. utsav

    Shoutcast not working in airtel mobile office

    I started winamp and tried to connect to shoutcast using my new unlimited gprs data plan on airtel mobile office but winamp reported that i am not connected though i have conncted to net and browsing sites too. :mad: what to do help mw guys :( :mad: :( :( :( :confused: :???:
  15. Zangetsu

    Nokia N82 black

    The Nokia N82 Black is released in US.....:) source: when will it be in India.....:mad:
  16. Ganeshkumar

    BSNL Data usage problem... :(

    Hi all :):) Today morning i was downloading some video songs upto 7.55 and then stopped everything and started browsing web pagesuntil 8.40.... But wen i chked data usage arnd 10 AM... it says 240MB after 8... :( :mad: I am sure that i cancelled all downloads... & no data transfered...
  17. nileshgr

    Improve this old laptop.

    We have a old bull$hit laptop with 24 MB RAM, 700 MB HDD, Pentium 1 100 Mhz. Dad wants to give it to my aunt for checking mails. IE4 isn't working properly and I installed firefox. firefox is a memory hog for it. Please suggest somethings to improve this bull$hit thing. Dad is eating...
  18. R

    Problemo with Booting

    I can't boot anything other than a FEDORA based DVD or CD or Vista. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: Error messages: Linux: .Can't access tty; job control turned off. .Can't file file $$$$$ Windows: 'The blue screen' pci.sys base at 0x0000000f .......... Any ideas????
  19. mediator

    ORKUT - Pakistani Flag?

    Hi guyz, I am seeing Pakistani flag when I visit orkut. But it seems it has been a week now. Can u please confirm if I'm the only one/doomed one? :mad:
  20. skippednote

    Virus Attack

    my comp is suffering from following problems:-? :-? 1 doesn't show hidden files 2 when i double click or right click and open on hard drive openwith diag box appers i installed :mad: anti vir , norton , nod32, kas7but all of these didn't help plz help me i would be greatful:cry:
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