1. nac

    Misuse of mobile no.

    Out of curiosity I googled my mobile no. shockingly search results come up with a firm I am not associate with and even worse under contact person, my name is printed. WTF :mad: Tried to open the link, it's not opening. Is the fake company closed? Should I worry about this? Anyone faced like...
  2. R

    [Praise] Mad Catz Service

    Last Year I had bought Mad Catz cyborg V7 keyboard and RAT3 mouse from Origin Games (distributor of Mad Catz products in india). A little after a year, the keyboard developed a fault with few of the keys not working. I raised a request with Mad Catz customer care and they mentioned that as...
  3. RohanM

    Flipkart Gone Mad. - 7850 for 50k

  4. F

    What do you think about my website name MadZippy dot Com

    Hello friends I am going to start online Shopping website. So I have registered domain name with MadZippy dot com Some of my friends saying that it is very though to remember name. It's not a good commercial name because it's not euphonious (pleasant sounding) or memorable in any way. So...
  5. N

    issue with the 6950 or converter

    i am using visiontek 6950 1gb, crucial 2x2 4gb 1866mhz ram and xeon x3220 and a 550w iball marathon psu ....everything works fine but the resolution get me mad my lcd monitor support bga 1600x900 res but when i change it to 1600x900 everything become big and get outside the monitor . when i used...
  6. A

    best gaming headsets

    i want to buy best gaming headset possible in my budget which is Rs.6000. i want most clear sound with huge bass. comfort, bass and durability are my required things. currently i am thinking of mad catz ax 180 Mad Catz AX 180 Universal Headset: Headset i also like Razer...
  7. RCuber

    MAD Magazine

    Is there a publisher or redistributer in India ? or should I only order it from US of A?
  8. Rockstar11

    Commandos series

    well i think that pyro is not concentrating on the commandos series very well.. :( they are more bussy making other games.... :mad: what u guys have to say about this... I'm DYING for playing a new commandos 5. :(
  9. Apple Juice

    Bangalore meet.....

    smit, Kanjar and me @re meeting in B@ng@l0re... :shock: smit (profile: * h@s @sked me t0 cre@te this thread... :mad: Venue: Forum mall, Koramangala Day: tuesday Date: 16 march :mad: @ 4pm d0 u wanna join???? :p
  10. RCuber

    Cost of Windows Server 2008?

    What is the cost of Windows Web Server 2008 R2 in India? I tried searching a lot but im not able to find the indian price!! :mad:
  11. R

    Airtel daily MO rs.10/day deactivation

    i got an offer sms from airtel for their rs.10/3mb daily pack.i thought i'd just check some info about it.but it got activated :mad: now i dunno how to deactivate it. i live in mumbai and the activation code was *567*11#
  12. M

    WTF!! Too Much SPAM in Digit

    WTF!!! Too Much SPAM in Digit :mad: I am not sure whether these SPAMS are from SPAM BOTS or From Real Humans who just register here to SPAM, Get Banned and Re-Register Again and Again. I haven't seen any other popular technology forums dealing with so many SPAM messages on a daily basis. :mad...
  13. Faun

    Effin Sllllooooooooooooooow !

    Chekin in...record time of 15 minutes to post and first chance in last friggin 12 hours. ? Forum is getting connection, try again later. :mad:
  14. esumitkumar

    Woofer not working in Philips 5.1 Speakers

    I have Win XP SP2 installed . I am having Acer 5500 with Intel 915GM motherboard. RealTek Audio AC97 drivers .... I am having Philips 5.1 speakers ...... I have updated all the newest drivers from Intel site as well as realtek ..My prob is that when I play any mp3 song woofer is not giving...
  15. O

    Will U buy this new iPhone?????!!!!!

    Seen in PC World Jan'09 issue, Will this become the 'ultimate stuff'? Air ur views............:evil: :cool: :mad: :D :p :rolleyes: :confused:
  16. C

    Why doesn't IE do CSS?

    Is MS killing CSS on IE juts to ensure that standards based web design will always remain difficult and people will choose Silverlight or is it because they never really understood how to render CSS? :mad: Being a web developer I'm having to suffer every single day thanks to IE. Developing a...
  17. Zangetsu

    Motherboard BIOS is Dead...

    :cry: Guys.what shud i do now...yesterday while working the electricity went off suddenly & after when it came back the PC was not booting.... it just gives the normal beep & shows a static black screen (POST) dats it....:mad: Will i be able 2 recover its BIOS...or not ? the screen shows the...
  18. Pat

    Yet Another blast in Gujarat

    * Can you believe it ? Is it some kind of joke ? :mad:
  19. Krazzy Warrior

    Monster Mission Desert [GTA-SA]

    GTA-San Andreas [Help] Hey guys, I am stucked at Monster Truck Mission in GTA-SA (In Desert) where u have to pass through all the checkpoints in less that 6:30 it always take me around 7:30 to pass..:mad: Is there any way (shortcut) or any Cheat<---yet I dislike them till know I have used 0...
  20. Psychosocial


    I need to make a project on Gandhiji's autobiography (WTF!! :mad:) What I have to do is read the first 25 chapters (not pages but chapters) and write a summary in one page and also the moral. I have to give this on 29th of this month. Now the problem is I cant read so much sh1t and that also...
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