1. B

    Image editing and converting softwares

    Hi Guys, Which is the best software to convert hi-res jpegs to pdf format, without any loss in quality? Also can you please guide how to increase/decrease resolution and dpi of an image? Thanks
  2. Anorion

    Global Coral Bleaching Event

    Scientists say a dramatic worldwide coral bleaching event is now underway - The Washington Post
  3. maverick786us

    My newly purchased Lumia 930 broke

    I purchased my Lumia 930 in November 1, 2014. But it accidentally slipped from my hands, when I was taking it from my pocket, fell on the solid tiles and there are 2 big cracks on the screen. The screen is completely malfunctioning and dead. However, when I purchased my Lumia, the dealer got...
  4. sam_738844

    [Query] WD My Passport Crash with Data loss

    Hello guys, Just want to know if this unit can be replaced or not, is still under warranty. its a WD My Passport 1 TB, crashed, unrecoverable, data loss of 857GB. Lucky I have backup of 500GB. What would be the procedure to get it replaced?
  5. J

    Samsung Galaxy

    Hi, My cell phones speaker is not working (ring tone/songs not audible, but can listen when someone calls). Samsung service person says ringer to be changed. But this will lead to DATA LOSS---IS it so? This seems to be hardware problem, then why data loss? Whats the simplest method to back...
  6. pulkitpopli2004

    Tracking Stolen Laptop

    Guys A Laptop/Notebook is stolen or lost every 12 seconds. According to a survey done in India 90% of the Laptops are being lost/stolen during the travel. In 90% there is a share of 1 laptop from my friend side. The Laptop loss is not limited to its cost but it also includes the loss of...
  7. lywyre

    BSNL's first ever loss is a whopping INR 1800 crores!

    Yes, thats terrible. The telecom company that not long ago competed for the coveted 'Navaratna' status is now in tatter losing out to the private sector and carrying a loss of over INR 1800 crores. Source: The Hindu
  8. M

    A great loss of a Digit Reader

    Dear Digit Lovers ! My self Madhur known as maddy from New Delhi. I recently suffered a great loss. This loss is a loss for any reader who loves collecting his or her favorite magazine. Here it the field of Information Technology quite a good magazine comes into the market called Digit. I...
  9. K

    Plz help to store data to avoid loss..

    Please tell me how and where I can store my system data so that I can enjoy full peace of mind without any fear of loss?
  10. desiibond

    Sony Ericsson Posts Fourth Consecutive Quarterly Loss

    Mobile handset maker Sony Ericsson Thursday posted a narrower than expected net loss for the second quarter, but sales remained well down, hit by continued weak consumer spending and the company's failure to bring high-end smartphones to market quickly enough. Sony Ericsson posted a EUR213...
  11. E

    how to Update firmware in my digicam?

    i have canon PowerShot A570 IS, in recently Issue-July 2008,in Junbo FastTrack personal Tech. shows how to update firmware.. i want to know that...will it change my original Co. settings? i dont want to loss my current setting...
  12. praka123

    Toshiba takes nearly $1bn HD DVD loss

    Toshiba takes nearly $1bn HD DVD loss Japan's Toshiba is likely to book a $986m (£485m) loss in its high-definition DVD business and post a full-year operating profit of about $2.44bn...
  13. Samystic

    AVI compression help

    Hello Digigans!!! I have a Xvid AVI RIP of a movie (Original - for backup purposes)...the size is around 1.1GB... I want to make at below 700MB...I am looking for a free software to reduce the size...without much loss in quality...Any alternative to VirtualDUB...i m not very comfortable with...
  14. gsoul2soul

    Cable loss: just theory or practicaly too ?

    Although my internet is not "Cable" in the true sense It's like this Huge Wan... i have Network Card and a cable!! Anyways... My question is, should i get my Cable replaced? It is connected in 3 different places... the tech asshole sort of used 3 small wires to reach my home. Grrr...
  15. gurujee

    Divx to DVD !!

    Hi all, I want to convert divx movies to DVD with subtitle and watch them in my player. My DVD player doesnt support divx. I use win avi video converter. I want to know will there be any quality loss ?? and how much time it will take?? and how much space will be the 1.37gb file when converted...
  16. AshishSharma

    Whats the best way to convert .FLV to .AVI

    Hi Guys, I need to convert my videos in .FLV to .AVI so that I can burn them to Disk and play them on my DVD player. I found some useful tools which can perform the job for me like Super and WinFF but I am little concerned about the loss of quality on the Video's. Can anyone guide me to the...
  17. naveen_reloaded

    Massive data loss bug in leopard ...another hole

    Massive Data Loss Bug in Leopard November 5 th, 2007 Update: The bug occurs regardless of the type of destination being moved to (whether it's local USB, local Firewire, SMB, etc.). Also, I have been informed that this bug goes back all the way to Panther. Update 2: Here's a video of the...
  18. azzu

    COmpressing MP3

    i want to compress my MP3 files to as low as 1mb any software to convert mp3 to low size with loow loss of quality my mobile plays mp4 and mp3 files
  19. azzu

    Hair Loss

    losin hair HOW TO STOP HAIR FALLIN AND GROW HAIR (ya ya ya I KNOW its a stupid question)
  20. T

    mp3 encoding

    hey guys is there any way I can get to increase the volume without any loss while encoding an MP3 file to WMA or to an MP3 of a lower bitrate??? my MP3 player produces terribly low volume for some songs (especially Hindi ones) it is a creative ZEN Nano and mind it i want almost no...
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