1. V

    Vector Version of Digit Logo?

    I need a Vector/CSS version of Digit's logo - the diamond-shaped one with the pinkish red background, used as favicon for the main site - is there any? If not, could someone please specify the font used for the 'd' in the logo? I went through all of the default fonts (and a lot of custom fonts)...
  2. Zangetsu

    OnePlus One not booting

    Hi Guys, Need help I was on CM12.1 and TWRP recovery. Today I flashed cm-13.0-ZNH0EAS2JK-bacon-signed.zip through TWRP 2.8.6 and now my phone is not going past CM boot logo. The boot logo animation of "Cyanogen Mod ready" is keeps on displaying :( I didn't not enabled USB debugging...
  3. B

    Logo needed

    Hi Guys, My friend has opened a new shop, Aaron Agencies. He needs a logo somewhat like this View image: Screenshot 2016 01 19 16 21 33 With the alphabet A's design like this View image: AA I request members who are good in editing to kindly design a logo like that. Thanks
  4. demoninside9

    Hard Reset not working.

    Hi All, I am having Lava Flair p1i mobile. I want to remove the pattern lock. I don't remember anything. I want to do hard reset. I gone through some tutorial and find out some methods lilke power off / remove battery your mobile. Then press power key and vol up button till android logo...
  5. G

    Windows 10 installation stuck at blue logo(no spinning dots)

    All, I downloaded windows 10 ISO(I purchased it) file and created bootable DVD and USB using Rufus. I want to install windows 10 in one of the system which had corrupted windows 7 in SSD(No data or nothing is required) My system config is below Intel i5(4th gen) Gigabyte Z87 D3H(which has...
  6. N

    What do we expect after Google has changed its logo from Gmail and Youtube

    Can we expect change of Gmail and Youtube logo after Google has changed its Logo?
  7. ratul

    New Google Logo? Do you like it? (POLL)

    Source: Google has a new logo | The Verge
  8. midhu

    Computer Freezes while playing audio

    Hi All, My Computer Freezes whenever I try to play audio files, I was using Windows 7, one fine day 7 got stuck in the windows logo screen, safe mode worked well. I tried to reinstall Windows 7 got stuck again in logo screen. Then I moved to windows XP SP2, after the installation I've tried to...
  9. Nerevarine

    Dishonored 2 Discussions

    Original source : http://www.gamespot.com/articles/leaked-dishonored-2-logo-reveals-possible-sequel-report/1100-6418080/
  10. cyborg47

    I think I just got my Graphics card fried.

    So here's what happened, I installed Grid2 last night, launched it. Got through the main menu, and suddenly, the graphics on the screen went bizarre, screen gets forzen, and created a weird sound(not from the system, but through the headphones). I quickly restarted my computer, but faced a BSOD...
  11. doomgiver

    Problem with Windows installation.

    Im trying to install windows to a hard drive, it installs correctly, but when i try to run it, it just restarts a couple of seconds after the animated logo screen appears (the logo where 4 dots fly together to create the MS logo, as in, it gets till the dots appear, but it restarts before it...
  12. H

    Worst/Best company logos in history?

    Feel free to post any logo whether old or new, as long as it has officially been used. Worst: Naughty Dog Best: and They should fire whoever changed the logo to grey.
  13. deepak_ds

    Windows Logo during BOOT

    I have win 7 home premium 32bit installed on my desktop. Recently I upgraded my graphics card. After upgrading, everything seems to be working fine. But I'm not able to get, why is the windows logo not being displayed during boot? Before upgrading, it was okay.
  14. mang

    Photoshop CS4 save only the rounded logo portion

    Suppose i am working with a rounded logo and instead of saving the whole rectangle /square page i would like to save the only rounded portion of my work . How do i do this ?
  15. Saumil996

    Screen going blank after the windows logo appears

    My 5 month old pc (with a 5 year old HDD) gave its first major problem today :-( . It goes blank after the windows logo and i cannot start windows though ubuntu works fine. Any ideas as to what the problem might be? I observed that the keyboard lights remain illuminated and i can hear the...
  16. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Microsoft squares off with new logo

    Out with the old, in with the new -- logo, that is. As Redmond gets ready to unleash Windows 8 and a wave of other new products, it does a little design housekeeping. Microsoft has a brand-new logo to go with all the brand-spankin' new products it's got coming this fall. The new design uses...
  17. A

    [Help] Stuck at Welcome logo

    Yesterday while playing EFLC , the current went and UPS is weak so the PC shut down and restarted.. no problems at all. Again today same thing happened but now, the booting up stops at windows logo where a circle spins beside the Welcome text.. the circle stops spinning and there is no response...
  18. B

    unable to restore ipod nano 4th gen,iPod only shows an Apple logo and doesn't start up?

    i can try 2 restore my ipod nano 4th gen.but ,after restore in itune,iPod only shows an Apple logo and doesn't start up.plz help me.i can restore more than 5 times.but still i cant able to restore
  19. D

    Guys please vote for me & help me win...thanx a lot..

    Hey guys i have participated in the Micromax Logo redesign contest at talenthouse india. You can view my entries here- LOGO . Please vote for me & help me win. You can vote by logging in using Facebook... Thanx a lot..
  20. D

    Editing scanned logo

    I have one logo - round annular shaped- with letters written on the annular space in TIFF format. I wanted to put it on web page in such a way that the background of the web page which is also a JPEG image shows through it. How can it be done?
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