1. topgear

    Digit PC Game Suggestion Thread v2.0

    Here comes the TDF PC Game Suggestion Thread 2.0 with a new look and feel. Thanks to all those who were involved in making and maintaining the first Pc Game Suggestion thread. But the previous thread just got too messy and hard to maintain anymore due to several reasons so here comes the...
  2. CommanderShawnzer

    Counter Strike 1.6 Problems

    i always get this error when i click "find server" I have a No-Steam version of CS 1.6
  3. Sarath

    Bangalore Club

    List of TDF members from Bangalore :) We can discuss the latest happenings in the city or anything for that matter here. You might want to add your name to the list below in case you would like to participate in a meetup or just to give attendance here. Enter you name here >...
  4. baiju

    Help - Opera blocks flipkart

    Since the past few days, I can't access flipkart from opera. It used to work before that. The message shown is There is no items in the list of the blocked contents. I can access FP using Firefox. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. axes2t2

    "I just bought more than 1 million …Facebook data entries."

    I just bought more than 1 million …Facebook data entries. OMG! | I Talk Web :@ Mixed Feelings After My Conversation With Facebook. | I Talk Web :@
  6. coderunknown

    Samsung announces list of devices that will get Jelly Bean

    Samsung has already announced that S Duos & S Advanced will get JB update but what about the entry level mobiles? Well here is the list that is eligible to get JB update in coming months: Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Galaxy Note 10.1 Galaxy S II Galaxy Note Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus...
  7. heartripple

    Bluetooth Peripheral device Driver Not found......

    Hello Guys..... I Have a problem regarding my on board Bluetooth device.....Whenever I tried to connect my cellphone to my desktop it connects for few seconds and then no connectivity at all. I have installed all latest drivers which was downloaded from manufacturers website....Installed...
  8. S

    Was my LAN hacked?

    Hi, First a background on the setup. The LAN has about 20 computers including a couple of notebooks. One system connects to the internet which is shared through a Netgear router for usage with the notebooks mainly. The SSID is hidden, the passphrase is simple but wireless access is locked...
  9. max_snyper

    Must have games of 2012...<List>

    Hey i'm just creating this thread so that people who were busy,are new to the gaming world, gamers like me.....will get to keep the track of the current favorites of the year as well as upcoming favorites of the year....... I will post the list of games which are current hot topic..and which are...
  10. H

    Suggestions for a big electronic checkout

    No storylines, so I got the chance of setting up a list of electronic kits/devices for an incubator service. They have a sizable amount of funding, and is looking forward to put up these kits/projects as a booster for startups and hobbyists. I got an Arducopter(Quad) to play with, will be...
  11. Hrishi

    HOw many Movies You saw From 2011(List).

    How many movies did you guys managed to watch which were released in the year 2011. here is a list for your reference. 2011 in film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Till now I have seen 63 movies out of the entire list. :) plz post yours.
  12. D

    [Request]List of game demos on the dvd 2004 to 2008

    Hello. Do you know/have the list of game demos that have been released on the digt dvd. Around 2004 to 2008. Could you please provide me with the list. (It is racing game. It had a bmw m3 gtr in the demo.) Thanks in advance.
  13. Krow

    Facebook to buy Opera?

    Facebook replaces Chrome recommendation with Opera, foreshadowing? - TechSpot News Facebook reported to be in talks to acquire Opera - Internet | ThinkDigit News Like button on a browser anyone?
  14. Vyom

    Micro USB Mobile Charger Query

    These days, a standard have been followed by mobile manufactures to bring out the chargers with a micro USB interface. Making life of their customer hell lot easier, since it doesn't matter now if I use a micro usb charger of my LG's Android phone with a HTC's windows phone. Since the charger...
  15. D

    A white color Android phone below 30K? Please help

    I want to buy a white color phone below 30 K. It's should have a dual core processor, 8 MP camera a very good screen (high ppi). Please can you list out all the models which are white from HTC and Sony Ericson??
  16. kool

    Facebook is not showing online members in group chat.. !! why ??

    Earlier facebook was showing online members at the top in group chat list but from last few days the list is not visible. Chat option is still available but the list is not there. What might be the problem? Is this bug from Facebook or any extra changes required in the group settings? :shock::shock:
  17. balakrish

    Secondhand computers online shop!

    Hi friend! I want a list of secondhand computer shops other than ebay. Please give me the list. I live in Tamilnadu,India. The shop should be able to ship the stuffs to Tamilnadu. Thank you, Bala Krish
  18. Charley

    32 inch TV LED/LCD

    Can you suggest a list of 32" TV LED and LCD ? Also, best choices to buy !!
  19. omega44-xt

    Google Play Store doubt

    We all know that there will be a backup of list of all installed apps in our account in Play Store (formerly Android Market). I want to edit that list & remove some useless apps. Does anyone know how to edit it ?
  20. ritvij

    python code not running..

    here's the question: define a procedure that takes in two inputs a list and a number(n) and outputs a new list that contains the original elements of list but repeated n times.. for ex: if input list a is [1, 2, 3] and n=2 answer: [1,1, 2, 2, 3, 3] or if input list is [1, 0, 1] and n=0...
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