1. P

    Best graphics/console quality mobile games (iOS/android) List up

    I have created a list of console standard android games and stuff these will entertain u for long enough. If i miss something please write below :-) This is the list of games By graphics please Feel free to discuss it. Use spoiler button to recall a list and press again to open...
  2. A

    Need your valuable suggestions Gaming Rig 60K...

    Dear Friends many thanks for the help earlier , now i need to upgrade my ram 1 X 8GB Budget :- 3000 INR Mother Board :- GA-B85M-D3H It supports 4 x 1.5V DDR3 DIMM sockets supporting up to 32 GB of system memory Dual channel memory architecture Support for DDR3 1600/1333 MHz...
  3. josin

    Must read before buying iem....

    Guys I don't know any of you had read this before....but if you don't please take a minute or so to read this before buying an IEM In Ear Matters: A Basic Guide to In-Ear-Canalphones IN PDF FORMAT 1. 300 IEM reviewed 2.The Headphone List 3. The best headphone? 4. Test tones 5.Battle Of The...
  4. sling-shot

    Android Contacts - Is there a way to make it show both name and number?

    I have a phone book that is strictly a phone book and with only one phone number against each name. (In case a person has multiple numbers, I make a new entry with a different tag for each number) Presently the phone book displays the names only in the list view and to see the number I have...
  5. cyborg47

    Purpose code on PAYPAL?

    I've got a freelance job recently(game character rigging, and Animation...a 3D game artist basically), and my client wants to transfer the money through Paypal. So I've created one, but Paypal asks me to fulfill a list of tasks, one of them being the purpose code. I've looked through the list...
  6. furious_gamer

    Killing Floor - Discussions here

    It is an under-rated game IMO and i thought it deserve a new thread. It's the best co-op zombie survival game(Don't ask DigitalFragger, he will tell WarZ is best. ). BTW I am listing all forum members who own/have this game, who we play together most of the days. me desmond david d3p Digital...
  7. ghantaukay

    JAR file not opening in Windows 7

    I have windows 7 OS. I have installed JRE 1.6 and when I try to open a jar. file I just get a list of other files common , javaapplication, jxl and META-INF. When I click on them I just get a whole list of CLASS files and other files. The .jar file is supposed to open a FORM for Prof Tax...
  8. T

    Steve Ballmer to retire in 2014

    Such big news yet to find its own thread (correct me if there's already one) on TDF while relatively very little news make their way in this section :lol: Formerly, he was to retire in 2018 but , may be, he overstayed his planning. Ballmer has been with MS since the launch of Windows XP times...
  9. R

    Battlelog id's list for BF3 and BF4

    Hi all, I see that count of BF3 players thereby the battlelog users are increasing with the recent sales and offers on the game for PC. This thread is to have all the TDF users with battlelog id's listed at one place so that we can for a TDF clan and join in togather for some exciting frag...
  10. Gollum

    [ONLINE CONSOLE GAMING] Playstation Network, Xbox Live!

    Hey Guys... Time to add all of you console Gamers at the TDF community in One place. ID List: krishnandu.sarkar - PSN: Krishnandu ; XBL: Krishnandu Gearbox - XBL: ilmshn Gollum - PSN: niku4186 ; XBL: LocatingPanic67 rakesh_ic - PSN: blackhawkric T!M3 PSN: DiGiTaL_ESCape...
  11. mohit9206

    Top 5 smartphones under 10k by

    Top 5 smartphones priced below Rs 10,000 Do you think this list is a good one ?
  12. vickybat

    Sudoku in python

    Guys, please see if the logic of sudoku checker is right or not in my code Here's a bit of info about a sudoku checker Here's my code in python: correct = [[1,2,3], [2,3,1], [3,1,2]] incorrect = [[1,2,3,4], [2,3,1,3], [3,1,2,3]...
  13. A

    search engines

    there are so many search engines on the Internet .canu list them ? which search engines for what purpose?
  14. K

    Suitable one where?

    Hi Guys, It relates to Windows 7 ultimate. Whenever I plug in my USB PEN DRIVE, the following message comes. This USB device can perform faster if you connect it to a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port/ For a list of available ports click here. How to find out the correct one from the list?
  15. TechnoHolic

    Help on C

    Someone please rectify this project. Problem: On member list. Please Help...:cry:
  16. P

    Need advice on Budget Android ~8k

    There are many budget fones in this range and am really confused as to what to go for. Hoping you guys are able to bail me out :-) Budget: 6k - 8k Display type and size? Touchscreen 3.5 inch to 4.5 inch. Form Factor: BAR Preferred choice of brand: Any brand with ordinary service levels...
  17. RohanM

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Faultiest Phone Of 2012 (Good News For S4)

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 takes another crown but this time it’s for the faultiest smartphone of 2012. A smartphone can offer a superb experience, however sometimes things don’t go as planned and the handset can act up. Hopefully any issues occur when the device is still under warranty. According...
  18. H

    List out of Lambda: what do you really need in a programming language?

    List Out of Lambda / Steve Losh I don't really see a way to quote the article that would still offer a good picture without actually copying about 90% of the article so i would recommend reading it. If you aren't familiar with functional languages you should start with Scala, which has a...
  19. G

    Digital Camera for 7-9k

    Hell0w Digitians,I'm planning to buy a digital camera with a maximum budget of 9,000 INR.I will be buying online. For casual uses, but looking to explore the best of whatever this price range has to offer. My current list includes,Nikon Coolpix S3500 Nikon Coolpix s6300Canon Sx150Sony CyberShot...
  20. B

    Which games can i run on my noob pc ?

    Y0 all ..i just wanna know about some good games which i can play with my compaq cq42's gpu is arrandale. I was wondering if i could play battlefield 2 with low settings and with gamebooster? me out and list some games that i can play...dont suggest me to buy a new pc or
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