Google Play Store doubt

We all know that there will be a backup of list of all installed apps in our account in Play Store (formerly Android Market).

I want to edit that list & remove some useless apps. Does anyone know how to edit it ?


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^^ don't think its possible. BTW why do you want to edit the list. that list can only be accessed by visiting the web based version of Play Store.


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There are many apps that i have tried, so the list contains many useless apps too.
Now you can also access the list in your android smartphone. Atleast i can see the list in "My Apps" option.


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looks like old logs are saved. and play store use it to show all tested apps. try clearing cache of play store.


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Well, previously (before this play store and all) when I used to visit it through web, it used to show all the apps I installed ever in my life as installed.

Now after the latest update, I noticed that there are two tabs, one shows currently installed list and another tab that has been added newly which shows that web list exactly i.e. all the apps you have installed in your life.

I don't think it's possible to remove...
1. From phone (Because you don't have those apps installed)
2. From Web (Already tried it many times. Didn't got any option)


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Even I want to remove some apps (some which I don't want to have record off ;)), but it isn't possible as of now. As krishnandu.sarkar said there are two links to see currently installed apps and All apps which you EVAR installed.
For me, even the link for, "Currently installed apps" is not working. I can see only the list of All apps.

I think, Google is going to upgrade it soon. Have a feeling. Lot of revamping going through these days. For eg, just today I observed that Youtube's save to playlist UI has been revamped. So, I am expecting some changes in other areas too. :Fingerx:
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