1. R

    need list of direct sites to access orkut

    Need list of direct sites(not proxy bypass) from where orkut can be accessed.Like
  2. Zangetsu

    online price list

    Hi,:mrgreen: I only know one site which has online price listing of all computer :D So,is there any other site similar 2 above...which has online price list...:cool: if yes then pls tell...:confused:
  3. gxsaurav

    Concept UI : Windows Shorthand

    You can also read this on my Blog. I was talking to a friend of mine today who recently completed his MBA from I2IT Pune. He was telling me that he & his college & hostel roommates used to share videos, songs, documents & even chat on the college LAN. I saw the LAN Chat application he was...
  4. Zangetsu

    Add/Remove Programs

    Hi,;) I installed & remove certain programs from add/remove programs they r removed from the program files but there name is still there in add/remove do I remove them from here :confused:
  5. J

    need 2 change my rig budget 20 k

    well m planin 4 a makeover....wld b changin my CPu...{kay mine was a p3 866mhz,kay nough of those jokes:D:):(} have a budget of say 20 k... alredy hav a DVD riter...a 40 gb hdd.{i plan 2 buy a sata hdd tho}..mouse keyboard n monitor frm my earlier rig... i have a gamin rig in my mind...wat...
  6. L

    Address Bar

    Friends the websites which i visit gets stored in the list of website in address bar. How can i avoid to happen that with some websites or remove the total list. In my college they dosent allow us to visit some website like orkut,facebook etc Please help me
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