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  • Hrishi has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space. looks like i can not reply to ur messages anymore
    Sorry mate, I saw your message earlier but wasn't in a state to reply back in best possible way. Hence, late reply.
    Burn in happens in case of dynamic drivers. So yeah, the sound signature will change somewhat for sure. Also, your brain will adapt to the new sound signature over the time.

    Just keep on playing normal songs. Or you can use white noise, brown noise and other frequency sweeps. Doesn't matter to me. I just keep my playlist playing.

    From what I see, XB is extra bass. And it looks like muddy bass.

    Try to use higher bitrate audio files (256 kbps and above for mp3). And try changing the source (audio player).

    Don't go for amp until you have tried everything for a longer time.
    thanks! and not particularly, but yes, i do read, and (from) observations & experiences alike as well. :)
    thanks for the gracious words, though i honestly deem myself to be far away from that state.
    if by study you meant educational-background, then by career am a mariner (marine er.).
    and, inquisitiveness is good. :)
    of course, what you want to ask in infosec? are you really interested in security?
    Sorry, I have just started my career this month only, it's my first job, so don't have any experience to guide you on "System Admin", though i have some nice suggestions for InfoSec jobs.. :)
    core i7qm+GT 640M

    reason : there's ain't much difference between GT640M and 645M sans clock speeds but most of the time laptop gpu part can max out every games .. so if you have to play a game with lowered details or even with high details the i7qm still will be handy as more and more games are getting optimized for multi core cpus.
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