Must have games of 2012...<List>


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Hey i'm just creating this thread so that people who were busy,are new to the gaming world, gamers like me.....will get to keep the track of the current favorites of the year as well as upcoming favorites of the year.......
I will post the list of games which are current hot topic..and which are going to be will consist of all the genre of games...listed according to popularity not genre.....and yes the list will include the multiplayer games as well,
I will be weekly updating the list as required......Mods can do as well....!

TBA offers:
Battlefield 3 Premium edition @3299 FK and Origin price 2699
Hitman Absolution Deluxe professional edition @5999 FK

Now with the List (Top 5) all genre:

1.Max Payne 3

2.Batman:Arkham city

3.Mass-effect 3

4.Spec-Ops:The line


6.Sleeping Dogs

Multiplayer Games: (all these games are played through out India as well as World)

1.Counter strike :Global offensive

2.Battlefield 3 (nobody buys this game just for campaign)

3.Call of duty:MW3

4.Diablo III

5.World of Tanks

Games that are to be released in near future:
(mentioned that are to be released in 2012 itself)

1.Medal of honour:warfighter (oct 12)

2.Far cry 3 (sept 12)

3.Borderlands 2 (sept 12)

4.Need For Speed :Most wanted (Oct 12)

5.Call of duty :Black Ops 2 (nov 12)

6.Assassins Creed 3 (oct 12)

7.Hitman:Absolution (Nov 12)

Games to look out for......(2013 or 2012 end)

1.Grand theft Auto V (GTA-India's most beloved game of the decade other than CS)

2.Crysis 3

3.Dead Space 3

4.Resident evil 6

5.Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

I will be updating the thread weekly....if there happens to be any changes or new releases.
Feel free to provide me names,if there are names not mentioned in this list but are most popular or are gaining popularity.
The list is not a rank but a collection of favorites.
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Another much anticipated addition to "Games that are to be released in near future" - Counter Strike - Global Offensive



Re: Must have games of 2012...&amp;lt;List&amp;gt;

Ghost Recon Future Soldier should have been on the list.

Btw , is CS:GO really going to be a big hit amongst Indian Multiplayer community ?? CS:Source came in as a succesor to CS1.6 but failed to be a big success , despite of the Good gfx details and effects.

I hardly find any nearby servers(for good ping <200ms, around north India) with loads of CS:S players , most of them lies vacant.


Maximum Effort!!!!!!
The list mentioned here is for releases for the games to be available in current year 2012

Binary Domain releases in 2013.

As we are in last quarter of this year im goin to create another thread for games goin to be released in 2013.
By that time Dates could be fixed for the releases.
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^^ No its not posponed.

Binary domain has been released already and IIRC topgear has completed the game already.
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