Was my LAN hacked?


First a background on the setup. The LAN has about 20 computers including a couple of notebooks. One system connects to the internet which is shared through a Netgear router for usage with the notebooks mainly. The SSID is hidden, the passphrase is simple but wireless access is locked (only MACs noted in the list are allowed to connect wirelessly). The admin password for accessing the router setup is medium strong.
Yesterday, I was tinkering with my network for the purpose of adding a repeater (Asus N13U). For this, I had allowed SSID broadcast because the repeater was not connecting to the router when the SSID was hidden. The Wireless Access list was still locked as I had already added the MAC for the repeater to the list. Suddenly, I found that the router administration was giving error and the page would display something like ( is managing your router). But there is no system in my network with that IP... I cut off the router connection, restarted it, ran the setup from browser to re-hide the SSID and then I was able to access it...

Hence, I am confused if my LAN was hacked or if the repeater hijacked control of the router.

Thanks in advance
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