Suggestions for a big electronic checkout

No storylines, so I got the chance of setting up a list of electronic kits/devices for an incubator service. They have a sizable amount of funding, and is looking forward to put up these kits/projects as a booster for startups and hobbyists.

I got an Arducopter(Quad) to play with, will be assembling it once I reach college. The manager at the place said to send in a list of items to buy, and in the original words "Don't mind the price, if it's worth". I have the following items in my list:
  • Arduino ADK Mega Board
  • Arduino Ethernet Board with PoE module
  • Beagle Board XM
  • Panda Board ES
  • GEAM6425
  • TI TMS470
  • Stingray Multitask Research Robot Platform
  • Robotics Shield Kit (for Arduino)
  • Tiny6410 + 5.0"LCD

This is a quicklist and I haven't done any deep research on the last 5. Suggest me changes/additions I should make to this list, and please don't encourage yourself into writing anything with the letters 'mac' or 'phone'. And certainly not 'rigs' and oil tankers. This kits will be a sandbox for many people and they are not going to be mine in ownership. Shoot away ;)


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start up kits for pic, 8051/52 ? I think these are required by college students..
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