1. Bookworm

    Express your memorable experiences in School life!!!

    School days are days which we cannot forget in our life. They are the periods in our life which we cannot get anymore even if we want. Therefore I have started this thread to let you express your memorable experiences in school days. Let me tell you one.. An experience which I can never forget...
  2. soumya

    The happiest day of your life...

    I have had my share of good days, but for me, July 1st 2008 was the happiest day of my life (till now). It was when I was recognized as a Microsoft MVP and what made it special was the fact that I am a management student and to be given an award in a different field meant a great deal to me...
  3. desiibond

    Apple gone crazy!! Removes numpad from default keyboard

    This is the ugliest keyboard that I have ever seen in my life!!!
  4. krazzy

    Nokia 5320 users! Report on the battery life of the phone.

    Our Editor wants to buy a new mobile phone. He is thinking of getting the Nokia 5320 XpressMusic but is worried that the battery life is unimpressive. I would like to know from the users of this phone as to how long does this phone last under regular usage, which would include calling, messaging...
  5. Cool G5

    Phone under Rs.3k

    I want a phone for my dad under 3k. Which one is the best? It will just be used for calling but still it will be good if it has atleast an FM radio along with an MP3 player. Camera is not that important. It should have a good battery life & excellent signal reception. Suggest some models...
  6. Kl@w-24

    The forum was dow... BAH! Forget it.

    We all know what happened. And most of us might have cursed the powers-that-be and got on with life. It has become a ritual now - the forum going down every other day. :| So what else is new?
  7. hahahari

    Touch SCreen vs Non Touch Screen Phones

    Hi gys, I have a que, I would like to know the pros and cons of each with respect to their usability and life. I love the concept of touch screen but am a bit apprehensive about the life of the screen. I mean I am not sure it will standup to the day to day wear and tear. Share...
  8. S

    My favourite weapon is.. I hate...

    Let me start. My favourite weapons are gravity gun(Half Life), sniper rifle I hate steyn
  9. K

    Please suggest a phone

    Hi Guys, I need a phone with following requirements (in no particular order) 1) Should be light weight and slim. 2) Address book should have photo recall. 3) VGA camera (at least) for requirement 2. 4) Good battery life. 5) I would like to install an answering machine so should be java...
  10. P

    Visit to an NGO in Gurgaon named DEEP ASHRAM..

    Sometimes life gives you everything and sometimes it takes a lot of things from you. But there are some for whom life has always taken and gave nothing. Some efforts are necessary to make their life better and give them some of the part which you have achieved. In order to achieve this, we...
  11. hahahari

    Suggest a Phone For 8K

    Suggest a Phone For 8K | Cam And Style Is Deciding Factor Well, one of my friends need a mobile for 8K (Not very extendible) Requirements The Most Important is CAM Style (Slim Prefered, slide or Flip is Ok too) Reliablity and life Battery life MP3 Good Smartphone like...
  12. Worried From Bugs

    Happy New Year to All!!

    Happy new year to All Digit Members. Hoping the New year Will comes with Joy in your Life :-P
  13. H

    Extendin my lappie's battery life

    Hello All, I have a bought dell laptop 1525(in may) with 9 cell battery. Currently i see drop in battery performance. I usually plug in power always while working even though it is fully charged. Is it a reason for drop in battery performance? Now hw to xtend my battery life? Thanks in...
  14. I

    Which is the best registry cleaner?

    I wanna cleanup all the registry files which remain after uninstalling IDM (Internet Download manager) Its a trial version and its life is over. So i need to reinstall it. Which software will clean all it registry and get me its trial period back. LOL I thought my computer will get sick...
  15. mahesh

    phone under 2k

    i want a mobile(colour phone) under 2k(strict). i should be able to store atleat 250 phone numbers and it shoukd have good battery life. no other features needed. please help. thanx in advance.
  16. gauravsuneja

    help urgently

    my pc when it starts for the first time i shows white pinkish screen with some colored vertical lines .there is no beep other than the default beep .when i take out the monitor cable attached to the cpu and then insert then it comes to life and shows bios screen .previously it was happening even...
  17. T

    Please, please, please, suggest me a new laptop (in India)

    Hi All, I am going to buy a new laptop by Dec end. My purpose is mainly using Microsoft office and internet browsing with a good battery life. The essentials are- 1. Processor - intel centrino 2 - P series- P7350/P8400 etc. 3-4GB ram, atleast 160Gb hard disk 2. Vista business/Vista...
  18. Cool G5

    Apple presents iMac Mineral Water

    The pic says it all :D I am not a big fan of Apple & have used an Apple product for first time in my life. :rolleyes: Thanks Apple for satisfying my thirst at a cheap price of Rs.10. ;)
  19. A

    n96 shocking battery life

    hi there new to the forum and noticed a few with the same issues as me. Had my n96 just over a week now and the battery life is awful!! From fully charged leave it on standby and its dead and turned off in less than 6 hours!!! Use it for calls and video and it lasts 2 hours! It's almost...
  20. quad_master

    windows update download

    my box has win xp sp2 installed...:D bt im sick of the daily update windows it possible to get all those xp update(till date) as a bunch...i think it'll make my life easy...whenever i'll format the box,i dont have to think about download update again nd again...:rolleyes:
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