1. toofan

    Hustler. Many Many Happy Returns of The Day Dear!

    I wish my Friend a Very warming, successful and enjoyable life ahead in his life. May He be whatever he wants and get success in it. Happy Birthday Anuj. :clap2: We all love you.
  2. warfreak

    Buying retail steam games

    I wish to buy a few of valve games but I hate purchasing it online. (Actually i dont have a credit card or paypal account :( ) So i'm thinking of buying discs of following games:- Half Life 2 Deathmatch Half Life 1 Deathmatch Counterstrike Source Counterstrike 1.6 Left 4 Dead 2 Steam has pretty...
  3. Arun the Gr8

    Need a 13" Laptop with good battery life..

    Guys.. I want to buy a laptop which is portable, lightweight and has a good battery life.. It should also be capable of playind full HD (1080p) videos with ease.. so an HDMI port is important.. But i hav got major doubts.. Should i go for the new CULV processors from intel.. the inspiron 13z...
  4. S

    Help to select PMP

    Hiya to all the people out there, I require a very specific and if not all, most of the features below..(Or the PMP which i am looking is called a mobile>>???:) ) Read Pdf files play gameboy colour games bluetooth memory expansion or HardDrive good battery life line in port good...
  5. CA50

    UPS problem

    hi friends 2day my UPS gave up:cry::cry::cry: It wasn`t giving backup, so i opened it, and found that the negative terminal of the battery broke into two because of corrosion. Is there and possiblity of getting its life back?:cry::cry:
  6. rhitwick

    Prototype help requiired

    How to kill Elezabeth Green? I'm fed-up of trying. for last three days I'm trying and it keeps on fighting even if the life is just one bar. I'm trying with devastator attacks. Plz help it takes two hrs to bring its life to one bar, and if that continues for three days, u can guess my mental...
  7. soumya

    Which life is better? Single or Married?

    I am single and I prefer it that way!
  8. paroh

    Danish students allowed use of internet during exams

    Danish students allowed use of internet during exams source In a bizarre alteration of examination rules, the Danish government has taken the bold steps of allowing pupils full access to the internet during their final school exams, according to the BBC's technology page. Currently, a...
  9. D

    new reality show about past life

    check this out- now, Ravi kishen is going to host a reality show about past life..ohhh where are we is the standard of entertainment degrading it...
  10. desiibond

    Nokia announces new 'mini laptop', Booklet 3G

    Type: Netbook Display: 10.1" 3G wireless hot-swappable sim card OS: Windows 7 A-GPS integrated HDMI Output Ovi maps 12hr battery life 2.7lb aluminium body bluetooth wifi
  11. N

    Camera phone below 8k for wife

    Need to buy a camera phone for wife. Budget Rs.8k Currently considering the following: Nokia 5130 XM Nokia 5220 XM Nokia 7310 Nokia 7510 Supernova (is this available?) Nokia 6300 (not too keen since its a old model & has poor battery life) I think the 5220 has the best camera out of...
  12. paroh

    Chandrayaan sensor fails; craft''s life may be reduced

    Fri, Jul 17 10:35 AM Bangalore, Jul 17 (PTI) India''s first moon mission Chandrayaan-I, launched in October last with a two-year life span, has lost a major sensor and may meet a premature end, ISRO said today. "Unfortunately, during the last month we have lost a vital sensor --- the star...
  13. dreamcatcher

    Official: Men are the weaker sex.

    Ahh, finally something for the girls to cheer about. :lol:
  14. H

    E 63 with Need a v cheap cell.

    My E 63 has been hooked to A. Tel internet, but I use A.Cel for making calls since it's damn cheap in Kolkata. I require a v. cheap hand set with no frills attached,but should have a v.v.good talk time & battery life, sound clarity,& a large phone book. No cameras, mp3's required. Please...
  15. C

    Average Life Expectancy of A Laptop

    First time laptop user in here (Surprised?? :D) Would like to know the average life expectancy of a laptop. I posed the same question in other notebook related forum and all the so-called experts over there are of the opinion that it is max two to three years.. It is really that low? BTW...
  16. arsenalfan001

    Help choosing me a phone within 4K

    Hi, I am looking to buy a basic low-range phone. FM and MP3 player with expendable memory is a must. Camera is not necessary but if you can suggest one it will be ok. please consider battery life also as I travel frequently. Please help me decide guys. I am waiting for your replies. Thanks in...
  17. R

    Where on S.P road and at what cost?

    Hey i wanted to know about some trusted ppl i can go to on S.P road,i usually get my stuff from computer warehouse on M.G road.As i usually buy Ram or HDD's and this time i am going to be changing to AMD and ASUS which is a big change for me as i have used intel all my life. I wanted to pick up...
  18. K

    Nokia 5320 owners pl help

    hi all . i'm using software version 3.08 ... i want to know if its worth upgrading to v3.26 ? i am hesitant to upgrade cos i heard tat the new firmware cannot be hacked ... But if i get improved battery life and bug fixes , i wudnt mind upgrading ... have any of u upgraded ? u think i should ...
  19. S

    best laptop under 80000 rs

    hi can u tell me which best window laptop under 80000 rs , it should have good battery life
  20. Arun the Gr8

    Karaokes of the songs i sung :)

    I have uploaded the karaokes of the songs i sung. The request for the karaoke of Time of Your Life was doe by 3l3ctr1c, so i decided to upload them all. I hope these files wont be misused. Here are the uploads: Somebody's Me Hey There Delilah Time of Your Life Glad that i could of...
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